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A great list of "hates," especially the last.


If you think the LA Times is bad, the OC Register is even worse! At least the Times did eventually stop calling. The Register is still doing it, like 2 years later. "What about just the Saturday and Sunday edition?" "No, thank you." "Buy the Sunday edition for 25 cents a week and we'll give you the other 6 days for free!" "No, thank you." "You know the Sunday edition has the coupons." "I prefer to pay full price." (no joke on that one--some lady tried to sell me on the Sunday edition solely for the coupons).


I've gotten to the point that I will only buy sheets that are striped so I know which way to put the bottom sheet on the bed.

Continuing prayers for Gus.


I hate a lot of these same things! And you're right about politics...why can't we all just get along?


Here's mine! http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/05/hate-is-strong-word-but-i-really-really.html

I hate when mY DVR messes up too and when it stops recording just short of when the show ends :-)

Ginny Marie

Yay! I love that next week is things I love! I definitely have love for my fuzzy slippers.

Here's my hate post for the week:



2) A coworker says ambalamps for ambulance and thilthy for filthy and income coming in and idiodicy instead of idiocy.

5) I will not name the name either, but this burns me up, and happens way too often in my house too. Twelve minutes of a program that I purposly set to record so that it tapes Meet the Press? Do you know how often that shit repeats? And I like David Gregory, but come on. He's no Tim Russert.

6) I can't even begin to address this.

10) It's wrong when kids are sick. There's no other way to describe it. It's just wrong.


I think that my hate can be summed by two words: stupid people. What's worse is that they are everywhere and there is no avoiding them. This might also be why I drink. Hm, that thought requires further contemplation. With beer.


Were these in order? If so, I would have put screaming pundits at number one. And, number two would be that poor thing.

I'll try for a spin next week. I thought it was peace, love and rock-n-roll? Or is that sex, drugs and rock-n-roll? Whatever!


Amen on number 9! Here's an idea that might help on the sheets: Use a Sharpie in an inconspicuous corner (or two or four), where it will be hidden under the mattress. Just some notation that you'll be able to remember, like "head" and "feet" or "right" and "left."

Will keep praying for Gus. Lord, please hear our prayers and heal Gus!


I love that the newspaper people always introduce themselves before they start their spiel. Then I can hang up on them and not waste 10 minutes of my life.


being poor sucks.


Politicians are the worst. And this year is going to be especially bad because of the election. Hooray.

Being poor sucks bad. And it always happens when you think to splurge (or just after you do) then something comes up where you need the money.

Fingers crossed for you coming into some money and that Gus gets all the prayers he needs.


OK. Got one for LOVE:

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