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Hope I can join in! Here's my Spin :-) http://viewfromdownhere-viewfromdownhere.blogspot.com/2012/05/being-momma.html

Such sweet memories...I love the "My Mamma drinks beer." Too cute! Sounds like you had one wonderful Mamma!


This is so precious! It is a wonderful feeling to find or be given things like that your mother held onto for so many years. As a mother I know it's difficult to part with those items...Yes, I have bunches from my kids as well! Here's my Spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/aint-no-love-like-the-love-of-mama/

Jan's Sushi Bar

I started to tear up reading this, because I *have* had to go through Mom's things after she died. We got little of it; her husband turned into an asshole when she passed and kept many of the things she spent her lifetime accumulating - her books, her china and crystal, most of her jewelry. We managed to get some of her clothes and paintings, 3 of which are in my living room to this day.

And speaking of my Mom, my spin is up: http://www.janssushibar.com/?p=13858

Sprite's Keeper

Sigh, I love this! It's like finding a warm hug in a sea of cold. Your mamma was awesome.
Oh, I did a Spin!

Ginny Marie

Oh, I just love that last letter..."My mamma drinks beer." That cracks me up!

As I was going through my mom's things, we found all sorts of treasures; baby teeth and notes we wrote to her. You are right, we just couldn't save it all. But since there are four of us, we were able to split some of the treasures between us. I don't remember if anyone kept the teeth, though!


This reminded me that I need to tell my mom that I love her and appreciate all she does for us.
Moms make the world go round.


Ha! Your mamma isn't like you because she drinks beer? Can you say the same now?


Little child writings are the best keepsakes. I still have the ones written by my boys and I'm sure my mother still has hers.


That is so sweet that you wrote such nice things and that she kept them treasuring them forever!


What a touching post. I went from almost crying to laughing our loud with the whole drinks beer thing. Thanks!


And, in 30 years what concoction will Jude say you throw down on a Friday (or Saturday or Wednesday or Thursday) night?

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