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Jimmy does a pretty good De Niro. Jude sounds just like my oldest did at his age. It made me smile.


I saw that teacher/student/parent cartoon circulating last week and it is SO true. I get calls form parents about 18 year old college kids who have the same issue, which is insane!

Stacy Uncorked

Have they aired that commercial? I swear I've seen it! He does a great De Niro. :)

And now I'm going to be spending my day clicking on the story of Violet - Princess Nagger's been obsessed with anything Titanic lately, too.

She and Jude would get along famously - the convo with Jude you had? I had a very similar one with PN. ;)

Stifling Heat, Laundry Flood and Twitter Fun


One more mojito never hurts. The difference between schools of '69 and today is aggravating to say the least.

Jan's Sushi Bar

OMG, look at Jimmy! I just loved it!

Um, that nurse? I would NOT have gotten on a ship with her. Nope.

Oh, and great minds and all that - I have a rhubarb recipe today, too.


That commercial is really good. Jimmy's got a great De Niro.
I had heard of Violet Jessup before, but thanks for the reminder.
As to thing coming form small mouths I'm not ready to hear yet, Turbo comes up with those all the stinking time.

Sprite's Keeper

I showed the commercial clip to my dad this weekend and he was impressed. (he knows his De Niro...)
I'm looking the other way on the mojito. Go now.


I'd LOVE to have some of that rhubarb dessert! I got some a few weeks ago, and I made one awesome pie with it. When researching for recipes, I found out rhubarb is actually a vegetable...craziness, right?

I could go for some mojitos! That sounds like my Sunday except insert glasses of wine instead :-)

Ginny Marie

What a great commercial! And he's getting paid...yay!

Jude has just been cracking me up lately! Which is great, because I'm stuck with two girls who will probably NOT like explosions.

Here's my spin for this week!


Jude is so funny. He sounds like such a boy!

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