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Dominique@Dominique's Desk

My kids are so not morning persons too.. takes me an extremely long tie to get them up each morning.


I laughed at your photos of him...does make you wonder how they can get so tangled up! I had several of these children AND a husband like that...mornings didn't get much better as the boys got older either! You are going to have to get very creative!


I feel for him, I really do... I also feel for you... it looks like the battle will continue to be waged for many, many years... although, my mom solved the same problem with a bucketful of cold water, sure she had to change the sheets and take the mattress outside to dry but she never had to wake me up again. Just a thought!

Sprite's Keeper

Add more girly stuff to the room and more hair to the head and I would swear you were in Sprite's room this morning. :-)


Ha, I feel for him too...hopefully summer comes quickly, and he gets to sleep in!


I am not showing this to JR. He will want to take pictures of me while he rousts me out of bed. My excuse...it is 4:50am when he gets me up.


I'm not sure what my boys do to the sheet and blankets either, but they always end up under the comforter by morning too. It must be a boy thing.

My spin is up:

Jan's Sushi Bar

Be glad there are sheets and blankets on his bed at all - that's one of those things that becomes up for grabs when they're teenagers. You won't be able to do anything about it - trust me, you won't even want to LOOK in his room when he's a teen, much less enter it.

dumb mom

My 7 year old is a beast in the mornings. I have to promise myself I won't yell at him every morning because he is so, so hard to deal with before school!


It's funny. This is my oldest entirely. My middle girl jumps up smiling (although she is the cover kicker). I'm curious to see how the boy turns out. Right now he seems easy, but he's 2, he knows not of what school day mornings mean. (I must also admit that I am like Jude and my oldest. I don't want to get up either).


I couldn't wait until my kids wanted to sleep in and when it happened I couldn't sleep in anymore (body clock, I guess!)... My kids tore their bed covers up like that, too!
Here's my Spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/in-love-with-life/


There MUST be a happy medium between this and Kalen's rising with the sun. In Seattle. In the summer. Which, of course, means 5am (or earlier).


It's funny how we try to get them to sleep in during the infant/toddler years and then spend the rest of their child and teen hood trying to get them OUT of bed!


Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanies any attempt to roust them from their nests. Noelle is usually in one place though this morning we went in to find that she was using Unicornio (her pillow pet) as an actual pillow...and her regular pillow as a blanket. Kids. They're so weird.

Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

Too funny!
Great spin on this prompt!

Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

Michele R.

I found out that my youngest will have memories of hearing me wake him up with "slurp" "slurp". I make coffee and and sit next to him, slurping and looking at iphone. He is a robe guy so he then gets up and slips into robe. Then he picks out cereal from the 10 boxes on hand. But now it is summer so he sleeps in.
So maybe get your coffee ready and just slurp loudly till it annoys him.

Leslie Writes It All

During the summer, I am exactly like your son. I do not want to wake up and get out of bed. Sometimes I wish I had this problem with my own kiddies, especially on weekends when I would like to sleep in. But they're always awake before 7. :P


Boo Boo has been like that since age three - and her bed also looks like that. I don't even make it anymore unless I am changing sheets or expecting company.

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