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aw...that has to be tough. It's good to get that alone time, but I couldn't imagine that bittersweet feeling you get when he wants to go do his own thing. But very sweet he wanted to take you on a hike and show you what he discovered!


It is very hard to let go. The first time my oldest boy showed any sort of modesty sort of rocked my world. Then when he had a genitalia related question he asked his dad. Never before had he asked his dad any sort of body related question. It hurt. Until I figured out that I could now defer all those types of questions to his dad. It was freeing show how.


Glad you found some pleasant mixed in with everything! Such cool memories. I tried to pretend I didn't see the pulling away when my son was nine...now that he is pushing 15, I really can't ignore it!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Between the ages of 9 and 15 is the best time to be the mother of a boy.

Despite the fact they smell.


(Anyone who tells you they prefer a 14-year-old girl over a 14-year-old boy needs to be committed to the nearest mental institution, post-haste.)


This push and pull, give and take, it's enough to make a mama pass the hell out. But, still, it is all rather pleasant.

Sprite's Keeper

So, basically, your weekend ROCKED, wouldn't you say? :-)


Turbo is going through those independent moments too. They are kind of nice in a peace and quiet sort of way.
Then he will go and do something like beg me to chaperone the field trip. I guess in the end they do still need mom--even if they don't want the other guys to know.


How wonderful. I love how you told this. So weird -- my memories of Catalina Cub Scout camp are so grim -- you have such a better attitude about it all and are a far nicer mama, I do believe!


omg, I can't wait until X shows that kind of independence.

Well, yes I can.

Okay, I see your dilemma.


It is sad that they grow up, but also pleasant at times!

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