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Sarah at 32Flavors

Oh, now that made tears well up in MY eyes. I'm so glad you were in hearing distance.

Sprite's Keeper

Gah, you made me tear up too!
This week has been rough, but I promise, Girl Scout's honor, I will try to spin next week!


Oh, sweetness. Entering those years (12 year old daughter) it is good to hear this perspective right now!


I just loved your mamma. I don't know if I ever told you that. And you are a fabulous cook and most excellent hostess! :)


What a cherished memory, huh? Such an incredible confidence booster upon the realization that your mother thinks highly of you, of a skill you possess. It's so warming.

Jan's Sushi Bar

This absolutely brought a tear to my eye - I had a similar relationship with my Mama. What a lovely thing for her to say!

As for the Spin Cycle, are REALLY sure you want *my* words?

(And you can steal any of my photos any time you want, lovely lady.)


It's nice to have wonderful memories from your mom and her obvious pride in you.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Wow! You and your Mama look so much alike. I love your stories about your Mama because there is so much admiration... on both sides.

Tina Erickson

sweet, so sweet. tears in my eyes.


I think the best part of this is imagining how many other lovely compliments she must have paid you over the years when you really couldn't hear her!!


Wow, do you ever look like your Mama! Very pretty, both of you! Sometimes people don't compliment to people's faces but they still think the world of them...do you think they find it embarrassing or just assume the other person knows what they think? Not sure, but it's nice to know when someone thinks something good about you...so glad you overheard that compliment.


Such a sweet story. And I'm sure she would have wanted you to hear that.

Ginny Marie

Oh, how did I miss this post? It is so beautiful, Gretchen.

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