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I can't wait to get to Anaheim this summer because (as I told Jack Lemmon once) I want to party with you.


Count me in for next week's cocktails!!

Love the cool shades at the dentist!!


It sounds so perfect, though, Cancun be damned. The girls went to the dentist during break too. What can I say, it beats Saturday mornings. And roller coasters? Yes, please! Chobe is finally old enough/tall enough to get on the majority of the rides and she definitely has my thrill seeking via stomach drop gene.

I must admit, though, there is one type of ride I have yet to try: the ones that do the straight drop. I always imagine it won't stop and I'll slam into the concrete and break my butt.


My son went to Las Vegas for spring break, where he annoyed his sister by playing his Nintendo DS the entire time they were camping at Valley of Fire, ate an entire pan of brownies by himself then threw up all over her cat (who now hates him), coerced her into making him pizza rolls, then asked for "real food" and showed only nominal interest in their tour of The Strip.

I worked and was poisoned by Michael Symon. I think you've got us beat.

And on that note - good for Jimmy for taking over Faux Stooges movie duty! I knew I loved that man for a reason.


What a wonderful mama you are! You've inspired me to check out some new places -- except for Six Flags. I've NEVER taken my kids (aren't I terrible?) and don't plan on ever doing it, ever.


Turbo has desires to ride the roller coasters. I am the lucky one who will have to ride with him. Nick doesn't do roller coasters. My only saving grace so far is the to go to a roller coaster takes planning a trip to Denver. 3+ hours away so an overnight is almost required.
Glad you survived your spring break and you dodged the Three Stooges bullet.


Gotta love the Groupons! Sounds like a great week. And I'm glad you didn't have to suffer the horror of the new 3 Stooges.

Sprite's Keeper

Thank goodness Sprite is not a fan of roller coasters, having already had her limit on Splash Mountain. :-)
I wish we had your kind of Groupons. In my area, they're for half off on denture molds and things like that. Hooray for seasonal Ft Myers!

Ginny Marie

My sister went to USC for her doctorate! She never took me to the track when I visited her, though.

If you can imagine it, we did even less on our Spring Break. I cleaned one child's room, got sick of cleaning so the other child's room is still a disaster, and, um, that's it.

I can't wait for cocktails! I'll definitely Spin this time around, promise!

Stacy Uncorked

Sorry I've been a slacker in the Spin Cycle department - I'll be all over the cocktails next week for sure!

We didn't get a spring break - Princess Nagger's school doesn't give them that much time off...although the long weekend for Easter was longer than past years, since they didn't swipe those days off for snow make-up days. ;)

Jude is getting so big! Yay for no cavities - boo for orthodontia...that's going to be our future, too. :)

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

What is the etiquette on commenting on a comment on a blog? So, etiquette aside, @Jan how were you poisoned by Michael Symon? I aspire to cook his dishes. What do you know (that you might tell me privately - lynn@curlygirl.com).

unmitigated me

Keep visiting USC on track practice day, and that boy will end up with a scholarship.


I doubt Jan will see this. I will check with her blog this week - shes bound to write something about this!


Ginny Marie

I'm back, with a link to my cocktail post!


That is an awesome spring break!

We're on the orthodontia train now, too. Kalen has an underbite. We've been waiting for two more teeth to grow in, and now they have, so we're back for O-consult #2 in a week or two. FUN.

I'll go on all those rides with Jude. Can't wait!! Tell him we'll do it if I can fit in a trip next time I'm in town.

Oh, and Kalen starts track & field practice at the B&G Club tonight! Our boys are two peas in a pod, aren't they?

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