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Stacy Uncorked

You have just validated my penchant to have all different types of glassware and barware - my hubby's always thought I was crazy but I can let him know you've proven otherwise. ;)

I've never made a Sidecar before - sounds yummy and I'm definitely going to have to try making one! :)

Mine's up:


Have a great weekend, Gretchen! :)


Is it an indication that we are committed to our drinking, because we have not one, but TWO, muddlers?

And I LOVE a good whiskey sour, although I haven't had one in years.


I am so ready to try a sidecar. And a Tom Collins. And well, hell I'm ready to try them all.


And now I'm thirsty. Too bad I took the vodka out of my purse earlier this week.

I've never cared for the White Russian, but I love a good Whiskey Sour, Sidecar, and Old-Fashioned (because mmmmmmmmmm bourbon). I have literally not had gin since the spring of '93. I will not drink it EVER AGAIN. Ever.


I can do that trick with a cherry stem. It was fun to see guys looks when I did, back in the day.
Nick has gone in search of the perfect home martini and he has found he like a good dirty martini with Gin, not vodka. He's not James Bond I guess.

Ginny Marie

Ed loves a good Manhattan! I like getting the cherries from his Manhattans. :)

Sprite's Keeper

I think the only one I've had out of that mix was the White Russian, and even then I don't think it was made correctly!
My favorite remains the Amaretto and Cranberry, although subbing cherry juice for cranberry is also tasty. :-)


Your place sounds like the place to be! I totally forgot to link ups...sorry. Here's my spin if it's not too late. http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/an-acceptable-and-excusable-affair/

Sarah at 32Flavors

A friend of mine who does a lot of traveling in the US judges every bar based on their Manhattan.

I would like to try a Tom Collins. Today.


Got one for next week:


Mmmm....White Russian...Okay, I'll try any of the ones w/o gin.

In lieu of an actual post, I gift you with this:

A few nights ago, I was looking online for something to make with the contents of our seriously depleted liquor cabinet and came across the Snowball:

1 oz. Bourbon
1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps

I added a splash of soda, to make it last longer.

I had two. They were pretty incredible.


Great list of classics! Just a note about the Manhattan though. Manhattans should be stirred, not shaken, for the fact that shaking the bourbon and ice creates too much dilution and water in the cocktail... something that is a turnoff for a person who enjoys the the strong taste of such a spirit. Good job though! I bartend in a Manhattan restaurant with a mature crowd and make all of these cocktails quite often and am glad to have come across your article re-envoking them :)

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