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Terra Heck

Dang, don't have a Trader Joe's anywhere nearby where I live. Those pics cracked me up. Not sure if that lady is a creative genius or just plain insane. haha
I love Sunday nights too, but it's for Celebrity Apprentice. That is, until True Blood comes back on.

Stacy Uncorked

My Sunday night "must see" is The Good Wife, Once Upon A Time, Harry's Law, Celebrity Apprentice, and when it comes back this summer, Leverage. Good thing I have a DVR and Hulu+! :)

You always find the funnest sites! I can see lots of laughter in my future... ;)

I'm intrigued by that tea - I'll have to get some, maybe it'll chase this persistent cold away...

One of the many reasons I'll be happy to be back on the West Coast again is Trader Joe's - we don't have one anywhere in our area at all...my list is huge on all the places I'll be visiting once we're back West. ;)

Time Flies, Mother Nature’s Hot Flash, Princess Nagger’s Final Words


Ha ha that's funny about the tea and looking forward to your first cold. I do that with bubble bath that's for aches and pains. It's like I WANT to feel crappy so I can use it. Weird, right?


I miss Trader Joe's so much. I do think we are getting one in the old Alamo Theater on Shepard soon. Austin has Trader Joe's and Sprouts (better than TJ) which makes me green.

The artist? Brilliant!!!

Inner tubing isn't complete unless you strap a 6-pack of beer to your tube.

Michele R.

The photo lady is a hoot. But I have to say I would freak out if someone entered the restroom on a plane and did not exit post haste.
My Sunday nights only involve massive food prep and scolding children for lack of prep of school work. Speaking of food, I have a fantasy of not having to buy food or make a dish that involves a family of five. As you can tell, I am in a bad mood.
The good news is that there are a zillion Korean stores within a couple miles of me and it is where I have shopped for years since their produce is way cheap. I need to look for that tea.

Sprite's Keeper

Woot, a shout out AND a recipe! Love it!
I can't wait to get back down to that store. We were in there for about thirty minutes and battling a huge crowd of Northerners, so I didn't get to really inspect EVERYTHING, but did manage to pick up some organic cereal for Sprite, almond butter (raw and creamy and under five bucks? Yes, please!), and even an organic fair trade chocolate bar that John likes for under 2 bucks. I am planning a trip to the Naples zoo in two weeks to justify the drive and we'll hit up Trader Joe's for an actually weekly shopping trip to see how much we save. :-)

Cathy Kennedy

The tubing sign is a good one, but anyone who's been tubing can't mind such rules.

Read today's post: Do you tweet? Photo editing.Blogger.Light at the end of the tunnel. Laughter is the best medicine.


No Trader Joe's. Sadly that's what we get for living in a small town. The closest one is 150 miles away, not really good for a quick run to the store.
That meal sounds really good though.


That lady I don't get... I just shake my head.
I don't have a Trader Joe... I pity myself.
I love game of throne... 'nuff said.


I saw those airport bathroom photos and died laughing. It was good to see them here again!

As for Trader Joe's, I'm sort of embarrassed at how much of their stuff I have and use. I almost never go to Ralph's anymore -- even my kids sigh at the routine meals I concoct all from Trader Joe's --


I stopped at artichoke. You can't make me. My lips are tight. Sealed. Unpenetrable by artichoke.

That tubing sign made me burst out laughing. HARD!

Sadly, I've watched not one episode of any of those shows.


Ooh, great recipe, thanks! I'll have to double it, since I have those rare young boys who actually like the green stuff.


I just bought some of that lemon pasta yesterday, so I'm looking forward to trying your recipe! The lemon tea stuff looks interesting. I may have to venture into a local Korean store and ask about it. Thanks for the ideas!


I will have to go back to our new TJ. It opened last year and overwhelmed me when I walked in to it. I need to make that pasta. Yummy.


The toilet seat woman...well, I have no words for the toilet seat woman. Except...BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Thank you. I needed that. Now I will go back to being Trader Joe deficient. As you were.


Hey! I just realized I have been missing you, and think you are now one of two bloggers that I lost in the blogger.com google whatever rebellion! So sorry! I have some catching up to do now!

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