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My hair gets caught in the nose pieces of my reading glasses. So I try never to push them onto my head. Saves me from your predicament. I just leave pairs all over the house. Makes JR crazy.


sorry but I laughed... 3 pair of glasses on your head!!!


I have yet to need reading glasses--I wear contacts because my eyesight stinks. I have however lost my sunglasses on top of my head on occasion.
My mother hooked her reading glasses to a chain around her neck and often "lost" her glasses when they were around her neck. Lovely. I really hope I don't get that bad.

Stacy Uncorked

They have a site for everything now, don't they?

You have to love misspellings in a newspaper - particularly when they're writing about literacy... *shakes head*

The multiple glasses on your head? I guffawed. Literally. ;)

Those cakes are out there! But cool.

Like you, I got distracted by your app - they don't have that one for Android... *pouts* If you get Scramble or Words With Friends working on your phone, hit me up - I'll play with you. ;) Fair warning, though - I suck pond water, so it might not be as challenging since you'd win all the time. :)

Scramble Brainy Friends, Dandelion Volcano, Obsessive Song Search… The Usual Mishmash


That headline is crazy.
I know a lot of people who do the glasses on the head thing too.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


The glasses on your head cracks me up...sounds like something I'd do!


I can't say anything about the glasses on your head, because it's something I'd do. Oh, hell - *have* done.

Those cakes make me want to grab some fondant and break out the cake pans - love, love, love them! I can't wait for The G Man's 3rd birthday; his mamma and I are thinking choo-choo trains as a theme. The cake should be fun!

Finally, how the dickens can farmers be lonely enough to qualify for their own dating site? They only make up 2% of the population...

Amy Cassady

I saw the lonely farmer's site commercial on TV a few weeks back. I posted a snarky remark about it on my Facebook and all of my friends were appalled that I would actually make a snarky comment about it because, "I met my significant other on an online dating site."

Apparently, people don't see the humor in a "Farmer's Only" dating site.


My current phone game obsession is Wordament. I don't know which platforms it's on, because you know...Windows Phone is the ugly stepchild of the smartphone industry, apparently. It's FUN, though. Boggle.

Missippi. Ha. That IS how it's pronounced down there...

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