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Terra Heck

That letter about "hores" gave me the laugh of the day! I actually want to see Dark Shadows but I can see the similarities to all the other crazy characters he's played.


Thank you a million times over! Everyone I know wants to see Dark Shadows but I'm in the same boat as you: Depp is rehashing and it's getting silly. N.I. No Interest! Happy Tuesday.

Stacy Uncorked

I'm in total agreement with you on Johnny Depp - enough of the weird characters already!

Apparently I'm a saucy knotty-pated bum-bailey with my married name, saucy knotty-pated strumpet with my maiden name. ;)

I laughed loudly when reading about the 'hores' - made my dogs bark.

Princess Nagger needs to follow Jude's lead on the whole birthday party thing - except the spin-the-bottle part... ;) She wants a Hunger Games themed party this year...ACK!

May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

Jan's Sushi Bar

I'm a fawning, guts-griping strumpet. I think my ex-husband actually called me that once...


I'm a frothy rump-fed Jewdster though I have to take offense at the rump-fed part. I've never swung that way.


Well, at least Johnny Depp found what works for him and has stuck with it. Some of the movies were good, some were not so good, but hey, go with what you know right?

I happen to be an Impertinent, sheep-baiting, foot-licker, or bum-bailey depending on if I use my maiden name or married name. Interesting.

I will have to go to the top of the new World Trade Tower one day. I went to the top of the former tower when I was 12.


I am a droning, rump-fed yarlot! (Although using my maiden name would be better: droning,rump-fed flax wench!).

Tall buildings and I aren't friends (although the higher the roller coaster, the better. Perhaps I should evaluate that). I've been in DC all my life and only got to the top of the Monument once.

I love Johnny Depp (but you're right; their collaborations do tend to be sameish (even Jack, the Pumpkin King who's animated resembles Edward Scissorhands. Hm). I'm not interested in Dark Shadows either. The girls know to call Grandpops for all movies mommy says "you be illin'" to.

I truly don't know what it is about parents who leave their kids. It's a meeting. If the kids aren't conducting the meeting, you need to stay.


I'm a bootless knotty-pated moldwarp flirt-gill. Which makes me sad as I was really holding out for 'strumpet'.

And yes on the wacked out characters Depp plays. Can't Burton give the man anything else to do?

And thank you for the 'hores'; I really needed the laugh today!


I'll never forget Rodney King going on tv and urging everyone to just get along.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Hi! I'm here! (it is fully expected that I am more excited than you are) I finally remembered to subscribe via email so I would stop missing your posts! I am a droning boil-brained harpy! Way to let your geek flag fly!!!!

Sprite's Keeper

I am a fawning sheep biting harpy. It actually makes sense if stuffed animals count for the sheep biting part...


I am a huge Johnny Depp/Tim Burton fan so I am all for their collaborations. But I totally get that he plays the same character every time. But still...I love him so! :)

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

This "Dankish Flap-Mouthed Horn-Beast" says about Dickens World, "I want to go to there."


That's some great random stuff. I'm with you on the Johnny Depp overexposure thing. I love the man and think him incredibly talented, but I'm so sick of the macabre thing. In my mind, "Dark Shadows" needs to stay comfortably cheesy after-schoolish, not all slick and weird.


Johnny, man. He's a better actor than this one-trick pony persona.

~Droning, boil-brained maggot-pie!

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