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Personally, I think when you've embarrassed your child, you've done your job. And I would have been belting it right out with you, proudly.


If this is the first time you've embarrassed your child then I say; "you're not working hard enough!"

Those quite librarian families are the worst. :-)


No, no, no - you don't make it up to him. It's part of the parental JOB, embarrassing your kids.

For what it's worth, I've done the very same thing - only it's usually Stevie Wonder. Beloved "Dead dances" in the living room to "Sugar Magnolia." We are SO not hip.


No makeups! He's going to repay you, believe me. Until then, keep the embarrassments coming. I dance and sing to WHATEVER IS PLAYING in the grocery store (they have a tendency to always have a Motown loop on when we visit and I loves my Motown (complete with dance moves memorized since '77). Humiliation is par for the course. Now, had you grabbed and hugged him in front of everyone, you'd have induced pure mortification. Aim high!

Sprite's Keeper

Doesn't the fact that you're both actors count for something? Sure, a librarian or a surgeon pulling out the air drums is just plain embarrassing, but you do this for a living. Who says an actor's job ends when the catering table closes? ;-)


If singing along to the radio is the worst you did then you let Jude off easy! :)


That is hilarious and the boy probably enjoyed it. No reason for apologies. You probably made his year or at least broadened his horizons if he has two very quiet stodgy parents! Air drum away!


I'd combine the embarrassment and force him to dance to Jerry's cover of it. Oh the trauma!


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