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Stacy Uncorked

I've never learned how to play poker, but if I had the chance to play with Lou or Brandon, I'd make the time to learn. ;) I'm usually lucky at the Blackjack tables - went to Vegas for my birthday weekend one year and turned $100 into $900. That was pretty lucky. :)

I went a whole different route with my spin this week:



Ginny Marie

Add me, add me to your email list!

My husband says that ever since our honeymoon cruise when I blew ten dollars in the slot machine in less than a minute that I'm not allowed to gamble!

I have the spin right here:



Well, I know the first thing *I* will say to LDP if I ever have the PLEASURE of meeting the man: "Hey - we have a mutual friend!!"

Beloved and I love to road trip, and I have an old post about one I may just have to bring out of the mothballs for this Spin.


I do pretty good at the slots. But I only played them once, in Deadwood, SD. It was fun.
Otherwise, I'm so not lucky.


I'm spun! Nothing like the last minute, huh?




This is why I've never played the lottery regularly. I figure the minute I don't play my number will hit or the liquor store where I buy my tickets will be where someone won the jackpot. I've never bothered to learn to play poker. In fact, I never graduated from Go Fish and War. At parties, gatherings, or family reunions, I'm always the one w/the kids or cleaning up while the adults play Spades. Always. As for luck, I think it's relative. Sometimes I feel lucky, sometimes I don't. I tend to think I'm rather unlucky at times, though.


This brought back wonderful memories. Every single time I hear Peter, Paul, & Mary's version of Bob Dylan's "Bob Dylan's Dream", I think about you and me and all those sweet people that bonded to form a family, while we were all so far from home.

Read 'em and weep... :)


Oh! And I have a picture of Brad playing poker on the floor of my apartment on Beachwood, you know. :)

Sprite's Keeper

You may not consider yourself lucky, but some people Googling those names will think you've been VERY lucky! :-)
PLEASE let me find time next week to Spin about our recent trip to St. Augustine. WAY too much time in the car and me about to cry on the way home.


You know what song always makes me think of those days? At This Moment by Billy Vera and The Beaters. One night Brandon, the great romantic, kept playing that song over and over and got all weepy and sentimental. Im think tequila may have been involved. Good times.



You play poker like my mom. If she doesn't fold, the rest of us do! ;)

Sounds like it was a great group. I'm envious...not because of the celebrity, but the camaraderie. I would love to have a group like that.


I suck at gambling, too so I don't...guess I can't complain about not winning the lottery if I don't play!
At least you had some interesting characters to play poker with! Keep playing with the choir cuz' if you don't and they win, that would really suck!


the only poker I've ever played was 5 card draw. I wasn't great. I'm a terrible liar though so there's that! And that is so cool that you played poker with those people.


I'm not very good at gambling either. At least you had a very interesting group to play with!


You've met Brad Pitt, so I'd say you're pretty lucky! I used to do Spin Cycle with Sprite's Keeper and have kind of dropped off that for awhile, but I would love to be added to your email list!

Nadine Hightower

I would like to play along with the Spin cycle.
I have an entry ready to go on Friday.


Thanks for sharing a wonderful memory of Brandon

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