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Michele R.

Guuuuuuurrrrllllllll, I think I may be able to top that photo of hair (in which you look fabulous). I just have to find the photo......

Something must happen to a lot of women after we have kids regarding heights. I can't stand them either. We went on lots of bridges this summer and my kids also loved to freak me out. That is one long bridge in CO!


Your poor Mama; I feel for her so. While I'm afraid of heights, it was mild(er) when I was younger, but it's gotten much, much worse as I've gotten older - in fact, it's gotten so bad that watching someone in a high place on the television gives me vertigo. But I believe my grandmother has a pic of 15-year-old me in that same spot on the bridge over the Royal Gorge - my fear of heights was overcome by my fascination of where I was.

Hair? I've got something I've been meaning to talk about, so I'm kind of looking forward to this one.


I really think that it's an age thing. Heights never bothered me when I was younger but now, hoo boy. It doesn't incapacitate me but I've developed a healthy respect for heights. Being a mommy might have something to do with it!

God I hope that I can get my scanner working for next week's spin because my senior year in high school I defintely maxed out what hair spray was capable of!

Sprite's Keeper

No. Hell no. Hell to the no would you ever get me on or near that suspension bridge! Yes, I have a fear of heights as well, even being anywhere above the second floor is too far off the ground for me.
Hair. I MUST get in on this Spin..

Stacy Uncorked

My hubby has the same debilitating fear of heights - and an equally debilitating fear of horses. So Princess Nagger and I have lots of fun teasing him. ;)

Please oh please add me to "the list" - getting an email would make me remember to write something and participate in the Spin Cycle because I keep having Blonde Moments and forgetting to check and see what the next topic is going to be. Or I've just been lazy. :)

And oh yeah - I sure hope I can find the box of photos the hubby BURIED in the shed, because I got one head of hella hair and pictures to prove it! ;)


Put me on the list! (And the hair thing was my suggestion. I feel So Important!)

Karma IS a bitch...but only if you are. I am so sorry, I couldn't resist. But I'm not deleting it.


OMG, I'm with your mama! I would NOT have wanted on that bridge under any circumstances!!!!


...and yes sign me up for the email reminder. Thanks.


An email reminder would be great.
I get vertigo when I look at the edge. I'm OK with heights, it's the edge that bothers me.


Ok, here's my hair spin http://suzicate.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/a-cut-above-and-beyond/

Michael Benitez

If we overcome fear of height, we can easily indulge to an exciting activity such as sky diving. I really love to do sky diving, I want to see the things below, though I have seen some while in a airplane but I think it is different in sky diving. The excitement and the rush is there.

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