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LOL @ the Pinterest page and the realization of their names. THAT is awesome!

Stacy Uncorked

Jude's getting BIG! Why must they grow so fast?! What an awesome mom you are forgoing the opening night of The Hunger Games to be on the scout camping trip instead. ;)

Those T-Shirts are cool (and funny).

Not sure I'd be wanting to smear stinky goo on my face regardless of the potential face-lift mode. ;)

I'm still giggling over the combo names.

Warrior Cats Easter, Monsuno Obsession, Honeymoon Wine, Fairy Hobmother


Something tells me that the face goo violates my "not tested on animals" policy.

Yes, a lot of predominately male things have phallic qualities, take TV remote controls, rockets, and of course the biggest of them all...the Washington Monument.

I'm so getting this t-shirt http://www.headlineshirts.net/this-shit-writes-itself-t-shirt.html


Michele, the face goo is make *out of* animals; it might not have been tested *on* them. :P

The Zombie Food Pyramid shirt and Hunger Games Pintrest page made me literally LOL. And I have to admit, that I misread the title of the video - for a minute there, I was agog that there was such a thing as a kosher toilet.


Those Tee's are hilarious.

Have a great day!


I love those t shirts!
That camp looks like it was fun, but yes, oh so phallic.


I didn't finish the book :o( It was a library book and we finished others before starting it and it was due back. Rather than cause unnecessary pre-teen angst, I returned it. I did put it on hold again though. Will you take Jude to see it? I'm thinking, from what I've read review-wise, that it may be a bit much for Chobe (who isn't fully interested in finishing the book anyway).

Nadine Hightower

Or Katpee.
Too bad all the way around.

pearl of window shopping

Your cub scout is a cutie!

Shirts look awesome and witty:-)

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