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I celebrated your birthday by driving home from Bentonville, AR, where we went to see the Crystal Springs Museum of American Art. It was great, not the drive but the museum. BTW, I'll post some pics of the blue bonnets from our drive. They are lovely this year from all the rain we've had.


I spent your birthday 1)smoking a brisket and 2 pork shoulders 2) cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen while Beloved mopped the floors and ran a rented steam cleaner over the wasteland that is our carpet 3) making fauxtato salad out of cauliflower (my Young Diabetic Friend came over for dinner) 4) taking a walk that I did NOT want to take and 5) making a sorry attempt to re-season my two favorite cast iron skillets (another attempt is being made today).

I wish I'd done what you did.

Sprite's Keeper

I spent your birthday, no I really spent on your birthday, plunking down a several hundred on a closet system for our master bedroom. Today, I'll get some paint chips and this weekend, I will have a new closet! So, your birthday will just keep on giving. :-)


I celebrated your birthday not knowing that that's what I was drinking for. I've got one hell of a Gretchen's birthday bender hangover. You're welcome. And happy belated birthday.

Ooooh which season of The Wire are you on? I SHAN'T SAY A WORD!!(other than Stringer Bell = mmmmmmm )brutal thuggishness aside). Or maybe not). Also, you're reading The Girl Who trilogy. I am seriously considering rereading them all. Best for you, though, you get to read the last one whenever you want instead of having to endure the pain of waiting for its release. I thought I'd hate the movie (usually when I adore a book I steer clear of the movie b/c screenwriters take liberties or change things that don't need changing: I'm talking to you, whoever screwed up Jodi Piccoult's My Sister's Keeper! But this one is actually very well done).

We don't do the leprechaun catching. In fact, we don't mark St. Patrick's Day at all. I didn't even remember until Sunday night. When I decided to have another drink. You know, for the luck o' the Irish. And your birthday.


I spent your birthday having my birthday! Husband took me to see Jerry Seinfeld on Sat night -- old school, haven't laughed so hard in a while -- and we spent the night at Beverly Hilton. Not bad!

Sarah at 32Flavors

Happy, happy birthday!! And birthday week!
I celebrated your birthday by wandering all over town looking for a light jacket for the eldest. I found one, but ended up spending about twice as much as I wanted. It's been the most unseasonably warm March I have ever experienced in my life. Turn on the A/C warm. That's not something we usually do until May. If then. Usually we're in one of the lighter winter coats now. I was completely unprepared.


Happy Birthday Gretchen!
I agree with celebrating for the whole week! Enjoy!
I spent your birthday admiring the overnight snowfall on the mountains behind us, eating yet more corned beef, potatoes, and carrots (I'm not much on the cabbage), reading the paper, drinking too much coffee, being generally lazy, and watching Amazing Race in the evening.


Happy birthday late!

Isn't it wonderful to have an unexpected day off?

BTW.. my spin will be up tomorrow morning:http://pegbur7.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/road-trip-2/


Happy Birthday Gretchen. I need a day like your Saturday. :)

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