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Great photos for a fun flashback!


Sounds like you have wonderful friends and had a great honeymoon. I love NOLA but you are right the drinking is a little over the top.

Michele R.

Looks like you two had a GREAT time! I bet the first week of Oct was a perfect time for a visit. I adore brunch drinks to go with brunch and I really should indulge in that more. Bloody Mary's, yum.

Would Jimmy be mad if you maybe took a little swing to NOLA if you make it to TX this summer? I will drive there and meet you.

My post is just up. Why does it always happen where I cannot find a photo or two when I need it? I am going into the attic now to try and find some photos to add to my post.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

You have such loving and generous friends!

I lived in Louisiana for 2 years and never stopped in New Orleans. Maybe someday.

Sarah at 32Flavors

I love it!


Now you guys make the idea of drunken pigs sound like loads of fun! Love New Orleans...where I rode my very first street car!


Nick's been to New Orleans, but I have not yet had the pleasure. I'm not sure I could drink that much. If my own honeymoon is any indication, I would be under the table fast asleep in no time.



Sounds like an awesome trip! My spin...not as romantic or filled with debauchery!


I miss you guys. And your wedding was BEAUTIFUL. {{{Hugs}}}

And I did NOT know about Craig's dad being the voice of the Robot. Squuueeee.


Okay, now THAT looks like a fun honeymoon! I've only been to NOLA once, and it was when I really didn't drink.

I should try it now that I'm old and less of a fuddy-duddy...

Girls' Weekend!!!


I actually have something, but queued it up to post on Monday (Since I posted today and want to spread things out a bit).

Ginny Marie

What a fun honeymoon! I've never been to NOLA! Ed has been there, but he was a chaperone for our church's youth group, so no carousing for him!

I really wanted to write about my honeymoon, so even though I'm late, I published it anyway!



Oh man, I love these photos. You and Jimmy look divine.



That's awesome. What a great way to get married! I imagine if I ever get around to it, it'll be crowdsourced too...

Sprite's Keeper

I've only been through New Orleans, but have always wanted to go back. Great idea for the wedding! John and I footed the bill for most of ours and wow, it took crunching of numbers to make that happen.
We didn't even have a honeymoon, consideriing how much the wedding cost.

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