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Hey, I live in Nebraska where it's been a drought for years and we have a beautiful (big) yard full of grass. No sprinkler system, we just drag the hose around and water the grass all summer with a sprinkler. Jude would love run through it. It's alot of work, but the great grass is worth it, especially since my husband is the watering boss. I love your blog, been reading for a loooooong time, never commented. Would love to go to the beach with you in the summer on Fridays, no ocean here in Nebraska !


Oh, Lord. Now I think I'm going to have to add a category on my Pinterest for backyard inspiration. I constantly bemoan the state of my front and backyards. They look all right but definitely not like any of the photos you have pinned.

I'm going to nix your idea of putting in a sprinkler system yourself. I think that's insane. I would sooner put one of those rotating sprinklers set on a timer than dig ditches.


Now I need to go on Pinterest and add a backyard category. If mine looked like that, I'd never go back into my house. ;)

Life As Wife

Darn Pinterest for giving us unrealistic dreams and expectations huh?

I think your backyard has tons of potential! Just getting rid of the concrete and adding some grass and trees would make a huge difference! GooD luck!


You have great taste. I absolutely love your dream pictures. I think my favorite is the picnic table under the little white lights....


"I do not have a green thumb. I kill plants. Because I never remember to water them."

THANK YOU. I was beginning to feel so...alone.

Have I mentioned that I love you?


What Nick wouldn't give for a yard that sized. Our yard is more postage stamp sized. We've made the most of it. It's a really good thing the park is only a block away.
Oh, and check on the size of those free trees. They may more resemble sticks with roots than trees when you get them. Nick did a free tree thing through the county here and the trees were all about 2-3 feet high and looked more like sticks than trees. Just saying, it may be a while before they actually resemble trees.


Forgot, my spin is up!


Ohhh...what beauty! The "pins" of course...LOL! I also pin things that I can spend hours daydreaming about "doing" but never do...

Happy Thursday!


The pergola, fire pit, and writing den. Aaaah, I'm in heaven. I'm not sure about the ditch digging though. I mean, I want to invite friends over for a paint party or a help Arnebya organize her house before she's on an episode of Hoarders party but...irrigation party? Not sure. I'd at least come, though, to carry stuff. You don't want me digging. Or handling power tools. I wonder how much it'd cost to FedEx a tree from CA to DC?

Diane Tarantini

I share your on again, off again Pinterest Interest. Totally get that. I haven't been on all week in fact. Just last week, after a pinning jag, I went room to room and wrote down "upgrades" I wanna do. Sigh . . . I don't know that money or skill is keeping me from DOING. I think it's just life. Or as one gal I know puts it, "The captivity of activity." KWIM?

Sprite's Keeper

Yay! I can comment! I haven't joined the Pinterest Pickers Brigade as of yet. I'm afraid to get sucked in. My backyard could definitely use some TLC too...


I wish you lived closer because I have so many plants that need to be split...and they are no maintenance plants too! Pick one spot and take baby steps! I can never even figure out what I want, let alone how to begin!


I do the same thing where I'll pin things and then I'll just stop for a month or two. And those backyards look amazing. If HGTV needs another backyard they can come fix mine up too! So if yours gets chosen put in a good word for me!


Would this post be considered a charming and appealing plea? I think it would. JR is fussy about the yard. I do Southern Belle gardening; "Oh, JR honey? Could you dig me a big ol'hole right here?"

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I've avoided Pintrest for fear of being sucked in. However, I love your choices! I've wanted a flagstone patio and pergola for YEARS! My husband cringes every time he hears the word "pergola." When you find someone to make over your yard, please send them to Florida when they're finished. Thanks!


Oh, I hope you get an HGTV yard!

The sprinklers? Not an easy DIY. Not that I've ever tried, but it seems every time a homeowner tries to install them on HGTV or DIY, they screw it up. I don't like to be Debbie Downer, but...yeah.

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