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Karen and Gerard

What a great joke! This is so funny! I wish we had humor in our marriage.

Stopping by from Writer's Workshop.

JDaniel4's Mom

I was so sure she was the one turning it off and on.


That is awesome. I assumed it was either you or Fancy turning it on!


Awesome. I knew you kept him around for more than just his good looks.


I love Jimmy, because that's the exact kind of stunt I'd pull. :)

(Tell him I said "thanks" for the idea. Bwaaaahahahahahaaaaa...)


Not sure I'd have been as good natured about something like that. But Nick has his moments.
My spin is up!


Fun times! I love silly moments like that and nothing beats giggling under the covers together :O)


I thought Jude had sneaked into the room. I am laughing so very hard right now at the frustration, the confusement, the wonder, the actually having to walk to turn off the TV. Ha!

Sprite's Keeper

Even 2 years later, this story is awesome.


A laptop in the tub? Wow now that is talented...


I love this! So, so funny!

justin bieber shoes

dying in pain is welcomed or at least endured because it makes them feeler closer to Christ.

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