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Michele R.

Oh good stuff here! I like this! I love your dad's letter and how awesome to still have paper letters. I have a couple shoeboxes of them from friends and Hubs. And former loves. A whole box of those. Heehee.
I am dying to see you and Jimmy dance, esp. the disco moves. I found that satellite radio channel 15 is called Studio 54. I am not ashamed to say I listen to it.


That is a very sweet note from your father! I love how he accounts for their drive with the details of why they did what they did, and where they ate. It reminds me of something my FIL would write!

It's good to keep that kind of stuff around. PB asked me the other day, why I keep a note with our Christmas ornaments. It's not much, just a handwritten note from my MIL about why she purchased an ornament a few years back. But I keep it so the boys can see her handwriting, and by reading the note, get a sense of who she was. You can tell Jude all sorts of stories about your Dad, but that note will someday give him different insight into his grandfather.

Sprite's Keeper

I love the letter!
And John and I can cut a mean Spanish rug. Last weekend, we were at a bat mitzvah and Sprite got to see us "really" dance together for the first time. At first she didn't know what to make of it, then she started cutting in. :-)
And my Spin is in! (How cool that I get to say that now!)


Oh, your Daddy was such a sweetheart!! And I'd forgotten all about Wyatt's! They are no more, you know - now you have to go to Luby's.

As for the dancing, Jude's still young and uncritical enough of you to probably think it's funny - you'll have to wait until he's a teenager to embarrass him. And for the record, if you're not dancing, eluding to the fact you have a sex life, especially in front of others, is a fine substitute.

The Bug

I was thinking that I wanted to try this, but the very first question made me balk - I don't think my Aunt Vivian (the former minister's wife - former because he ran off with some OTHER church's secretary) would appreciate my answer: Oh for GOD'S SAKE! Very loud.

But I loved your answers, and your daddy's letter. Reminded me of my dad, who's in his 70s now & starting to feel his age... I'll have to print out some of his emails :)


Yay! You made it in. Love the letter from your father. I wrote Nick letters when we were first dating, but I didn't save any that he sent me. I do have some of the cards he has gotten me over the years.


Welcome. To wwtkw. Thanks for answering my random questions.

What a sweet letter from your dad.

I love to go back and read old letters.
It instantly takes me back to what I was doing and thinking and feeling when I got it. It was a weird question and I was talking about old, written on paper, stamped snail mail. Emails and texts are a dime a dozen these days. A real letter can last forever.

Love the same lipgloss. I rock the plain mint one. I tint isn't enough for me, I have to apply over lipstick.


"There's probably no other profession that makes relative strangers feel that they can ask you to recite your resume."

A writer. "Oh, what books did you write? Have I read them? What are they about? How long have you been writing? When will I see you at Barnes and Noble? What are you working on right now? Here, I have this great idea for you..."

Great letter from your dad too!


It is always best to prove to your children that you are a dork early in their life. It lowees their expectations and makes the traumas that you will undoubtedly inflict on them in their teenage years so much less. Or, like me, you really want to mess with their teenage heads. Than wait as long as possible for maximum embarrassment. Like Jan said, elude to having sex. Works every time.


We have a celebrity of sorts in our area, He doesn't say what he's done either. He does a lot of community plays and such. To each his own.

I think the only letter I saved was the one my ex-hub's grandmother. She told me I need to quit college and go to work and help her grandson with the bills. UGH!! lovely woman.


The letter from your Daddy is beyond PRECIOUS. In fact, I think the word precious may have been invented to describe just this type of thing. And WWTK looks fun, maybe I will try it!


That note from your father? Oh my god. Priceless.


i super love the letter from your daddy, so sweet!

i love Vandy, glad you joined in, thanks for linking up, great answers!!

Ginny Marie

Oh, I just love that letter from your dad! I put all the letters from my mom in a special place, and then I remembered that someday I will treasure the letters from my dad just as much, so they are in a special place, too.

I'm trying to write my dream post...ARRRRGGGHHH!!!


I can never decide how to spell arghhhh...so that was helpful! :) Sometimes I have to go Cathy and write AACK!!! (because I could google it to check spelling!) Love the letter and that it's typed (and has a typo fixed, so he took the time to reread it)...so sweet!

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