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I love how much you love Van the Man Morrison and Gram Parsons.


farting dogs...always hilarious!!

thanks for linking up with us!!


You had me at Rocky Horror but I fell harder with Skynyrd.... :D


Ha ha good answers. I should have picked a bunch of happy songs but went with one. Duh; think outside the box right?? :)


Hey Jude is awesome!!


I love the fact you qualified "Madman Across the Water" to "side one" - I remember albums, too! (It's my second favorite EJ album, right after "Tumbleweed Connection.)

And, my Spin is up!



I chose b too. I gotta know what the landing is gonna be like--at least as much as I can, but if you don't jump, you never have any fun.

Sprite's Keeper

Blue pulled one of those silent but deadlies in Sprite's room last night while we were reading. I blamed Sprite for it immediately, but then realized it smelled a lot worse than her usual toots.


Did I ever mention that I actually saw Lynyrd Skynyrd live? Way back when. From what I can remember it was a great concert. Take "from what I can remember" anyway you want; just remember that I did have a very misspent youth.


PS: I tagged you on my blog. Just something fun.

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