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unmitigated me

Very well done, with the exception of 'hortort,' which is when she sues for non-payment.

I think that some of the word verification programs make a word that's nonsense, but also can be sounded out, so you don't have to look back and forth ten times like you do with the random letters and numbers.


Such fun...very retro cool indeed!


The word verification "words" can get pretty amusing. Some verge on naughty. The definitions you have come up with here are great!

Sprite's Keeper

"Oying – verb - the act of saying “oy”. Grandma Cohen wouldn't stop oying."

Love it, except in my family, Grandma Cohen doesn't oy. She "bendeja's".


This is hilarious. I've seen some verification words that almost fit what the blogger was writing about. And that makes it even funnier!


You're so silly! I love these, though -- very cool.

Amy Cassady

Ok... I finally got a chance to read this post and I must say that I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I have students in my room finishing work during their recess time and they all just looked at me with this puzzled look of, "what the heck is wrong with you?"

I love the creativity of your definitions! Thanks for sharing!

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