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Yikes to the sleepwalking--freaky! We did a few night terrors here, and they were lovely! Oooh, swag! I want to see Bridesmaids. My capacity for anything other than comedy has been gone for a few years now, and entertain me usually means crack me up! Glad your sinuses are starting to cooperate!


My son hasn't necessarily sleep-walked but he'll cry out and say something but when I go in to check, he's passed out again. So weird. And I totally remember biorhythms! And I believe them too. ;)

Stacy Uncorked

I've had FBS (Fried Brain Syndrome) lately too. I blame the crappy schedule hubby's on since he got railroaded into teaching the early morning class in addition to teaching the night class - which means we're up at 5:30am and since he teaches until 10:30pm we're up until after midnight. Not enough coffee to keep my brain functioning on so little sleep. ;)

That's kinda scary with the whole sleepwalking thing - Princess Nagger hasn't had that mode yet, but hubby does it...he'll go downstairs in the middle of the night and eat a bowl of cereal or have ice cream and not remember doing so the next morning. :)

Those sandwiches are crazy cool!

Wish I lived nearby, I'd love to "borrow" some of those movies from you. ;)


No need to freak out - I went through two stages of sleepwalking as a child; one that lasted *several* weeks when I was about five, and one that lasted about a month when I was 13. I never did anything that could have or would have harmed myself, and the second stage was when we lived in a townhouse with stairs. I also grew up to be a completely normal human being.

Okay, scratch that last one and remember I never did anything could have or would have harmed myself.

P.S. I did not get the email, but will answer your question on teh blawg shortly.

The Bug

My mom told a story about me coming back in from outside when I was about 3, but that's the only instance of sleepwalking that I know about. Freaked her out, of course - I wish I remembered what I did out there!

P.S. I got the cards - they're lovely! Thanks!

Sprite's Keeper

Ooh, I wish I could see those movies! Can I join SAG JUST for those perks? :-)


Turbo totally sleepwalks. Bruiser will probably too. they get it from Nick. He will still sleepwalk on occasion (occasions with lots of alcohol especially). It's no big deal, just put Jude back to bed and he won't remember a thing the next morning. Turbo and Nick never do.

Mom in High Heels

I read that T-giving letter a while back and seriously hope it was a a joke. If not, I'd make other plans for the day. Also, 15 pounds of mashed potatoes? Who are they feeding?

Indy isn't exactly a sleep walker, but he does have full blown conversations in his sleep (with his eyes open and freakishly glazed over). I went into his room one night to get the dog that sleeps with him for his night time walk and Indy sat up and began talking to me about the most random thing. He'll answer questions too, which I'm kind of hoping continues because when he's a teen, I can find out what he's really up to. :)

I love Downton Abbey, BTW. In Europe we've already gotten all the episodes, so I have to wait for the US to catch up before I can discuss them. Boo.

Also, lucky on the SAG swag! Jealous. I have a few friends in SAG and they always talk about the cool movies they get to preview.

Happy RTT. Feel better!

Sarah at 32Flavors

Legend has it my mother once came downstairs to find me chasing the cat with a butcher knife while sleepwalking. I don't know how true it is. But she also once found me curled up on top of her shoes in her closet sleeping.

I LOVED The Help. Loved it, loved it. Got it for Christmas. Of course the book was better. But the movie was good, too. And I saw Bridesmaids twice. It was hysterically funny when I saw it in the theatre with a girlfriend and everyone was laughing their heads off (and when all were enjoying the pitchers of beer). It lost something when I watched it at home with my husband. The rest of the movies I would really like to see, with the exception of The Artist. I'm sure if I watched it, it would be very good. But it isn't one that I've put very high on my "Gotta see" list. I may pick up Moneyball for my husband. He's a baseball/stats junkie. I mean, when he was a small boy he made up a board game using the stats on his baseball cards and dice.

I just started watching Downton Abbey last week. I was hooked 10 minutes in. And then I watched all of the US released episodes and am caught up. IT IS SO GOOD.


The O'Keeffe looks a little off to me, oh I know why; it doesn't look enough like a vagi*a.

The kids sleepwalked very seldom but I think they all do it at some time or another.

Love Downton Abbey!

A Facebook User

That thanksgiving invitation is one of the funniest things I've ever read.


Love that Thanksgiving letter. I am a "tad" controlling too when it comes to big meals. Hell who am I fooling? I am a "tad" controlling most times. ;-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


My daughter did the sleepwalking thing a couple of times. I don't think it a big deal. Something they will grow out of eventually.


I always love coming here, no matter what you have to say! And those sandwiches are kick-ass!


My brother was a sleep walker when he was a teenager...woke up one time on the front porch of our house in his underwear!! My mom had to put double locks on our doors to keep him in!


I'm with Jen and want to be part of SAG just for the perks! I want to see most of the movies that were nominated.

And I'm not a sleep-walker but a sleep-talker. And sometimes I'll sit or stand up while sleeping but never go anywhere.


I sleepwalked like that on a regular basis as a kid. The only concern? (Depending on your point of view...) Sleepwalkers can't join the Navy. Dad told me that once. I wasn't too disappointed. It makes for great stories.

Ummm...hmmm...I could babysit all those DVD's for you, you know. Just to keep them safe in case The Big One strikes LA. It's the least I can do for such a great person such as yourself.

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