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Alison at Mommy is a Power Ranger

Wow, that sounds so much like me and my mean friend Ellen. Except I wouldn't defriend the not cool girl, so I became and outcast and was bullied until high school ended. I will never forget when she got another friend to hurl a frozen apple at my face, which split my lip, and when I went back to her house, crying, she got everyone to tell her mom I just fell sledding and was a liar. Girls can be so mean.


Awww...kind of a tragic story! I really hope June came around. It really makes me want to put my detective hat on and hunt those ladies down!


Wow, Ive so been Karen. My best friends, out of the blue, stopped talking to me one day in Junior High. They continued to taunt me the rest of 7th grade. Luckily in 8th, our junior high was split up and they went to a different school. I was able to blossom and make good, true friends.

I hope the same happened for Karen. And I hope June became a nicer person.

Galit Breen

Oh, that time was so very hard, wasn't it?

{I love the way that you wove the stories with your thoughts and reflections.}


Childhood is so hard, isn't it, especially for the "uncool" ones. I was one of them...had red hair, a father who was a State Trooper, studious...I could feel your pain in the stories. Your writing took me right back to those moments, even though they are MANY years ago. Thanks for a provocative piece today!


While the group I hung out with in school was by no means the cool group, we had our June too. I was the target of her hatefulness on more than one occasion. I think my issues with friend making stem from my interactions with her. This is what makes me oh so happy I have boys. I don't think I could go through junior high again.
Oh, and my post is up:


I had some friends like that. It's so weird when you CAN'T find them online; we've become so used to reconnecting these days.

Btw, I put my spin cycle post up today.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I'm sorry to say that I believe that June has passed away. I believe this because she has been reincarnated in my 12-yr-old niece. Kinda gives me shivers.


What's that saying? Karma is only a bitch if you are? Sounds like she was getting a dose of Karma for her childhood bitchiness. Although I don't like to see anyone suffer, sometimes people do get what they deserve.

Sprite's Keeper

Sprite is friends with a preschool version of June. This little girl is evil in a tiny package. Every time I hear of Sprite being in trouble for her mouth, it's safe to assume she alone is responsible. If she's in trouble for throwing things, pushing someone, or hitting back, 100% of the time, this little pisher told her to do it. This is the only classmate I tell Sprite to stay far away from. I even tell the teachers I want them nowhere near each other during group time or playtime. That kid is nothing but trouble.

Sarah at 32Flavors

I played that game. Every year it was a different girl's year to be snubbed. Sometimes I was a bystander. Sometimes I was the instigator. Then my year came my sophomore year in high school. Only instead of just getting snubbed, they were mean to me. I could hear them making gunshot sounds behind me as I walked in front of them to class. They threw spit balls in my hair. I struggled with depression for a while. But once I came out on the other side of it, I realized it just wasn't worth it to be a part of that. I knew how much it hurt to be the snub-ee. Bitter attitudes just didn't attract me anymore.
So the fact that I have 3 (THREE!) girls to usher through their teen years makes me want to cry. Girls can be so incredibly cruel. But I'm really hoping that my time on both sides of it, and the lessons learned will be a benefit.


Blogging has opened the floodgates for all of the snubbed, bullied, and ostrasized victims of these vicious little bullies. The really sad thing is that the bullies more often than not, convince some of their followers to do the dirty work, thereby wreaking even more hurt and shame and misery.

What we never hear from is the grown-up bully. Do they ever realize the havoc they created? Do they ever even admit that they were being cruel? Do they ever regret their meanness? Are the ashamed of their behavior? Or have they just continued on through their lives, never changing, except to expand their cruelty into the grown-up world?


This was such a wonderful story. I enjoyed it immensely, going back in time with you. Life is all about learning from our mistakes, right? We do the best we can when we realize our mistakes and it seems like that's just what you've done.


I think we all have had Junes in our life. The June in my life was the darling of the parents and the teachers, so the rest of us never really had a chance. I have looked her up on Facebook, but I opted not to friend her. After all, why put myself through that again?


Ahh, 7th grade. I was the Karen then, ostracized and bullied by girls who had once been my friends. I'm not sure what I did to become the target - it just happened. I got over it, found new friends...but I am still amazed at the cruelty of adolescent girls, even now, forty years after I suffered.


Mean girls are the worst. I had a similar bean dip incident when I was in 8th grade except instead of being pelted with bean dip I was pelted with hurtful words and had the worst time of my life. But of course you continue to stay friends with those people. It's a very strange cycle.


It is amazing to me how it takes decades for us to find out/believe that mean girls are everywhere...and amazingly kind girls were standing nearby.


Oh man, I think we all had that one girl in the group who ran the show so to speak. Now I'm curious about June and Karen too.

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