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*squee* Thank you for linking up! I think it looks delicious, even if I can't do dairy or pasta. (I love the fact you insist on making your own marinara. LOVE. IT.)

Sarah at 32Flavors

I admit, usually I feel your recipes are far above my cooking abilities. I don't even consider myself a cook. I am a food preparer. But I think I can handle this, AND it sounds delicious!

Sprite's Keeper

OOohh, I've had stuffed shells with spinach before, but this would just take it over the top! (Gah, I sound like Rachel Ray..)


Sounds yummy! I can do artichokes but they don't really agree with JR so I don't cook with them. I bet I could leave them our and it would be fine.

Michele R.

Yum!! I have done the spinach and cheese ones but thus sounds delish and the boys would get more protein that they crave.
Oh, and I'm running over to do this with Jan too!


My (Italian) dad always did a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of sauce, and some tomato paste to thicken.

I have a nearly identical recipe for turkey/artichoke stuffed shells that I made and froze ahead the week before Oscar was born. Love them!


But, I use an arribata sauce on the shells - I like the spice, makes it a little more interesting.


You are just rocking on the blog thing! This sounds so delicious; I wish that I'd read it this morning and was eating it tonight for dinner --


Yummy yummy! I forced brown rice on ther kids tonight, maybe I can mess with their coveted stuffed shells next! (and they can all pass me their arty hearts if they must!) Thanks for sharing!


That recipe sounds divine. My daughter loves stuffed shells. I've never tried them with these ingredients!

Here's my Spin!


This sounds so great! I'm definitely putting this on next week's menu. I love stuffed shells, but have never put artichokes in mine. I think that sounds really tasty! Thanks for sharing.


We had guests over and I saw this recipe and said hmmm.... I'll give it a shot. Great idea! Everyone loved it. I had extras and it was a hit with the neighbors. Everything turned out great. Only thing I did different was I got mozzarella crazy. Hehe, I love cheese. I will definitely make this again!

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