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You're all lucky I get dressed every morning.


My dear Gretchen. At this stage of the game, simplicity counts. And a woman with simple beauty that equates a face scrub with a wash rag is far more attractive than one that has that much time on their hands and disposable income at their command to squander on beautification. And yes, ocassionally men like women with a little stubble on their legs and, dare I say, a little free-growing shrubbery in the ol' luv garden. KISG, sweetie. Keep it simple, Gretchen.

I accidentally found myself watching a Cindy Crawford informercial about beauty cream or some such rubbish this morning and thought "You know, Gretchen looks hotter than that." And this was BEFORE I read this blog.


Girl, I know it. I always say that the one thing no one -- I mean, no one -- will admit to you about having children is how much your personal hygiene will suffer. I am impressed with your resolve and I will say that when I do make the effort, I always sit a little straighter for it!


I never really had a decent beauty regimen so it was very easy for me to fall into the abyss of good enough. When I would try to care, I didn't come up with much, so I grew to covet the mom-ness of my look. Recently I decided to try a little harder. yesterday I looked so acceptable I really hoped to run into people when I was out and about...no such luck, they are al hiding around the corner until the day I wear sweats and need a shower, but milk too!


Yeah! I have something for you. Here's to resolutions. Mine is to workout more. I've given myself a 30 day challenge; 30 days of working out. I've done 19 days and missed 3. Much better than Dec, when I only worked out 8 times in the month. . . and ate my weight in Christmas treats.

Ginny Marie

I have been trying to do better, to. Just blow drying my hair in the mornings help! (It looks so much better when I do!) My father-in-law bought me this fabulous scrub with olive oil from Origins that I love. (The secretary where he works recommended it as a gift...he is very thoughtful!)

On a different note, I stopped procrastinating and wrote my Spin for this week!


Sprite's Keeper

I caught Sprite's "stomach bug of fun" this weekend and actually straightened my hair plus tweezed and shaped my brows just to look a little more decent than I felt. And it worked! Now, if I could just do it more often instead of once in a never..


After I had Leo I gave up. But then about 2 years ago I really started seeing myself differently and I didn't like it so I lost a lot of weight and started getting ready every. single. day. While I still don't shave frequently enough I shower daily and make sure I have makeup on every day. I feel a lot better about myself and that makes it worth it.


If you are looking for an inexpensive body scrub you can find it in your kitchen! Take one cup brown sugar and add olive oil till you get the consistency that you desire. I add a little vanilla extract but you could add any extract you would like! It is truly that easy and very very nice!!!! Very inexpensive! Makes my skin feel like buttaa!


You know, I've been wondering about the Tweezerman. It really makes a difference, huh? I may have to give it a try.

I was never one for much self-care, so I guess I really didn't ever fall off that wagon. As I've lost weight and been more proud of how I look, though, I've found myself doing more in that arena.

Great post; I'm so glad you're making the time and effort for yourself. It's important that we do it!


good luck with it. easy to say - hard to do :) Fingers crossed for you!

Justine Cricks

Aesthetic appeal is not the only benefit of regular bikini waxing; it is also beneficial to one’s hygiene. It doesn’t just boost a woman’s confidence to wear a bikini. It can also be a good way to prevent infections, as the area is easier to keep clean. However, she should also exercise vigilance in choosing a waxing product. Some products only work best on certain types of skin. In some cases, the wrong type of skin product can even cause irritation.

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