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Congrats on your new gig! How exciting.

Dreams!!! OMG, I could write an entire blog about my dreams. Seriously. (It wouldn't make any sense, though.) Can't wait to narrow them down for this spin!


Can I just say that I utterly adore that you have a blogging Nemesis?


Ooh, maybe I'll jump in and start spinning again!

Congrats on your new gig.


Sprite's Keeper

Sigh... I love you. And I think I'm going to Spin this week! My dreams have been extremely visual lately. (Need to lay off the wine before bed, maybe.)


Awesome! the Spin Cycle is one of the first carnivals that I ever did. It also lead me to you. So happy it found a new home. I'm off to think about dreams...
See you next week.

Ginny Marie

This is exciting! No need to be nervous...you will be an awesome hostess!


For a minute there, I thought you were talking about me - recipes and pictures of darling (grand)children? Then I realized it couldn't be me, because you said your Blogging Nemesis doesn't allow snark - all I do is snark. Not that I think you have anything to worry about; people who are incapable of snark give Jen hives - she'd never hand the reins over to anyone like that.

I'll tell you what I told her - I can't imagine a better new home for the Spin Cycle. You'll have mine next week!


The Spin Cycle couldn't find a happier/snarkier/loving home. Thanks for taking this on. I expect things to get weird. I mean it is moving to "Hollyweird"! and you are from Austin, TX.


This is great! I will participate!

Now, you have a blogging nemesis?!? Why don't I have one of those, WAH!

Sarah at 32Flavors

FUN! I've always enjoyed your SC posts, and thought I should do them, too. But I never made it that far. I think now is just the time!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Very cool! That's how I originally found you. Perhaps I'll get myself organized enough to start spinning again. Maybe.


I think I'm going to join in, although writing about dreams makes me nervous. And you'll be a terrific Spin Leader -- way to go!

Michele R.

Very cool.
I'm in like Flynn (a little Hollywood lingo there). And I love the story of how this evolved.

Stacy Uncorked

WooHoo! *jumping up and down* I've been sorely missing the Spin Cycle, too - I think some of my better posts were created in a spin. :) I'm glad you've agreed to take up the reigns - I cannot think of a better SC participator to carry the torch! Now to dream up a post for next week... ;)


Oh, I am so glad the Spin Cycle will be continuing, and I can't think of a better hostess to take over for Jen. Thanks for taking this on, Gretchen. Maybe now I'll actually post on my blog this month!


In honor of this occasion, I may actually Spin this week! Or, I may not. I'm temperamental that way.

Hollywood Farm

Congrats! Fantastic work! Will look forward to joining the Spin Cycle this year! Can we submit blogs on the subjects?


We be spinnin'!


Sarah at 32Flavors



I will miss Jen as moderator but I know you will do an awesome job!



Here's my spin!

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