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I love these. I can't eat potatoes with even a little green, because I end up hospitalized with a bad case of hives. Found that out the hard way....several times!

I'm trying the egg thing tomorrow morning.

Sprite's Keeper

When are you coming back with Part 3? I love these!


I, too, have recently begun smacking my eggs on a flat surface to avoid shards of shell in the bowl. It seems to work *somewhat* better, but it's not foolproof. Then again, it could just be...me.

You can tell Mommy that we purchased a metric fuck-ton of dried garlic heads from our CSA and farmer's markets over the course of the late summer and early fall, and it has been sitting in a bowl on my counter since then. Every head, every clove, is still fine - I have a feeling at the rate we've been using it, it will be long gone before next year's crop. Kind of a bummer, having to go back to the store for it...


I inherited my Mom's little clay garlic pot and I love it! I love seeing it on the counter when I cook, it's like she's watching me.

These are great. I have to try the egg thing.

(ps- Only because I know you're like me and would want to know- I think you mean axis at the end of #4- the world doesn't spin on an axle, that's for car tires, your axis just shifted.)

Ginny Marie

Such good myths to have debunked! Green potatoes worried me for years, and I freaked out when I saw one! It's good to know that you would have to eat so many...I can barely get my girls to eat one bite of potatoes. (This does not include french fried, however.)


If you boil your eggs it doesn't matter where you crack them. and you should soak your chicken in tequila, not lemon, to kill bacteria.


I'd never heard many of these! People think potato eyes poisonous? Having a mom who was a home ec major was pretty darned helpful. (At least, I'm assuming that's why she never taught us this one.)

Jason and I learned the egg thing at the cooking class we took in December, and I've been doing it since then. I love it!

How's Jimmy? How are YOU?


Thanks for all the debunking tips! I really enjoyed this.

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