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Our New Year's Eve was so completely unmemorable that I don't even remember what I made for dinner, and I *always* remember what I made for dinner. We were in bed by 10.

As the mother of 2 sons, I can affirm you definitely need a penis to appreciate the 3 Stooges.


Oh, thank goodness. I saw your status about Duck Soup and was confused. I'm relieved you were simply enduring it for the boys' sake.

Sounds like you're going to enjoy getting back into routine this week...


That sounds about as exciting as our New Year's. Except there was no puking at our end, thank gawd.


Sounds like you need some quiet time away from your vacation! Yikes! My daughter and I stopped any Stooge efforts this New Year's Eve...phew!

Sprite's Keeper

Wow, your holiday had its ups, downs, ins and outs! Hoping the new year brings less outs. :-)


Happy New Year Gretchen! Wishing you a great 2012.


The food was glamorous!


Your Holidays sounds almost alarmingly like ours, sickness and all. Glad everyone is feeling better and sounds ready to head back into normal life.


Hey, If you are still interested in the We Want To Know questions let me know and I will forward them on to you. Mamarazzi sent them out today.


Happy New Year Gretchen! Just wanted you to know that your blogging is appreciated - especially when you must not have felt like writing at all!

All the best to you this new year!

Lisa's Loft

Hi, I'm a new follower. I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope the new year brings you lots of joy. Please come visit me sometime. Have a great day.

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