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Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

How did it get to be Friday already and I didn't get my spin out? I actually had one planned in my brain. Oh well.

I really like the idea of the writer's shed. But I'd probably use it as a quilter's shed. Plus in Florida it would need A/C.


Goodness, you've set me up for multiple Spins again NEXT week! :P

I like the idea of being the next Vanna White. That gig apparently comes with 6-margarita lunches, too.


Mark Winegardner, the author of that Godfather sequel, has a very cool writer's shed. I've seen it with my own eyes! He's faculty here). But I would love to have one. As much writing as I do get done, it would be far better to sequester myself someplace like that. Happy FRIDAY!

Sprite's Keeper

That writer's shed looks like a great location for our lawn mower. :-) I do my writing in the strangest places. If I were to tell you how most of my writing gets down in the fifteen minute breaks I allow myself at work, you'd probably roll your eyes and find a way to mute my mic. I would love to see you on a regular sitcom, mostly so I can tune in every week and sit John down and then prod him every time the commecial break is over with "That's Gretchen! I KNOW her!" Yes, I'd be a savage name dropper.
Recipes.. Heehee, I think I have a good one. A $350.00 dollar one.

Sarah at 32Flavors

Better late than never?

No kidding on Vanna - I say this to my husband all the time. She doesn't even turn the letters anymore. She just has to go near them. WHAT A GIG.

I think I might want a writer's shed. But I'm not sure I'd get any writing done. Maybe it would be a napping shed.


I'm not sure I could write without distractions. I study, write, read better with small distractions. Of course I have small boys who are more than happy to distract me.
I think a job on a sitcom would be fabulous.


Oooh, I sooooo want a writer's shed. Of course, living in the Midwest, I would definitely need a heated one. Heck, I would settle for an office that is really pretty and not crowded with all kinds of crap! Instead, when I do my freelance work, I write on the couch with my laptop, or sometimes I hide in one of the bedrooms, sitting on the floor, crouched over my computer.

I hope you land a sitcom or game show gig! You'd be great!

Ginny Marie

My cousin has an awesome writer's shed! Although I think it's more of an office shed. She lives in the UK so I haven't seen it in person, but I'm extremely jealous!

You and I almost have the same fantasy dream job! ;) I was frantically trying to finish this post between dropping off Emmy at preschool and volunteering at Lily's school:



Great post, Gretchen, and the writing shed photos make me salivate all over again!

I think my ideal job would be something like what Terry Gross does -- interview interesting people every day.


I would love to be a writer. With a shed. I've looked at those Home Depot ones. I could swing that. In fact, we can split the price and use of one. Three days apiece. We'll just drink on the 7th (and videotape our ramblings b/c everyone knows best ideas are derived from over indulging in tequila).

My dream job would be a fiction editor. Oh, and a song editor so that people aren't using incorrect grammar in music like some woman I heard the other day say, "It looks just like mines" MY EARS!


The Vanna White gig sounds pretty cush to me. And just on the Today show the other day they were talking about how Pat Sajak said him and Vanna used to get drunk on margaritas during commercial breaks. I could handle that!


Love the writer's sheds! Vanna sounds like she has landed herself a pretty cool gig there. Too bad I couldn't have been a Vanna! I'd never seen that Joe Cocker video before and really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it.


I am absolutely holding out for a sitcom for you. Ever since you told us about the near miss with "Raymond," I've watched the show through different eyes. (I though about boycotting in protest, but...it's Peter Boyle. You know.)

I believe your sitcom is out there, waiting. I really do. I feel it in my bones.

Sorry no spin from me last week. I just had no inspiration, even with your and Kat's prompts. Sigh. Maybe I need a shed...

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