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Sprite's Keeper

So sweet! (I'm not supposed to be bawling at work, thanks a lot, Gretchen!)

Sarah at 32Flavors

You were not kidding. Totally needed the tissues. I'm not sure which of the stories made me more misty. Thanks for sharing them!


Those are stories that truly make the season. (And I second Jen, thanks a lot for the need for tissues at work.)


Can I get you to come and decorate at my house?

The Bug

Yeah - at least my boss is at lunch so he didn't catch me crying!

The RedC

All 3 of those stories underscore what a wonderful community we get to be part of!!

Now if you come decorate at MY house, I will supply bottomless egg nog AND a safe ride back home. Whaddya say?!?

andrea-maybe it's just me

That is when the holiday spirit gets let in...with stories like those...thank you so much for sharing. I might be able to look my Christmas tree in the eye now.


Love, love & LOVE.

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