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What a sweet story and gesture. Thanks for sharing. Over from Mama Kat's.


That's lovely!!


That is a real sister. I love it. Merry Christmas!

Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness

Love friends who truly get it. You are blessed, and it sounds like you know it :) Stopped by from Mama Kat's today...so glad I did.


What a beautiful sentiment and testament to the power of friendship and love. Thanks for making my morning!


Oh My Goodness.... What an amazing story. About two amazing friends. Beautiful. I probably love this post the most. Kristen @ www.alittlesomethingforme.com


Your stories touch my heart everytime...thank you! Merry Christmas!!!


That is the sweetest thing ever.

Sprite's Keeper

I absolutely stole my sister's name for a girl and I'm so glad I did. I can't imagine naming her anything else. My sister feels the same way. NOW. :-)


You made me teary!!

My mother-in-law's sister stole her girl name while they were both pregnant (which, ironically, was Amy). Mom had Jason with that pregnancy, and she never had a chance to name a girl, so I'm her "Aimee." :)

Sounds like Kaysie is better than a sister, given how many sisters actually have stolen baby names from one another.


What a beautiful post ... and what a great friend!


What a beautiful friendship and beautiful post. I followed my friend Elizabeth over here, to read your tribute post to her (equally lovely, by the way) and found this, too. We are of a very similar age (I'm a year older) and I was delighted to discover that so many of the touchstones of your childhood are the same as mine - I found myself nodding "yes, yes, yes," to Upstairs, Downstairs and Tim Curry.

I too became a parent late in life - twin boys at 42, so there is so much i can relate to here. So glad to have found you! (Thanks, Elizabeth)


This was beautiful, thank you. There is nothing like lasting friendship. I have a friend from kindergarten who has been by my side since and I think of the obvious love between you and Kaysie and it just warms me because it makes me think of my friend as well.


Oh wow, that made me all teary. What a beautiful post, goosebumps. Wow, what a friend!


Bethany said everything that happened to me. I teared up and got goosebumps. That is the best friend anyone could ask for. It sounds like you have amazing people in your life.

Merry Christmas!

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