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Galit Breen

This post has so very much heart in it. I adore the sentimentality, the photos, and the stories told.

{I am so sorry for your loss.}

Heather Johnson

Very pretty! I love all your heirloom ornaments.


What beautiful stories and memories you have attached to Christmas - so special indeed. I love especially love the story of your father's proposal!


Ah, Gretchen - this was just lovely. I'm a sentimental fool, too, and have the Christmas tree to prove it as well. Thank you!


I've inherited my Grandparent's ornaments as well. My most treasured is their very first ornament together as a young married couple. You'll never guess what I (also) wrote about this week at Mama Kat's. :) I am smitten with the stockings, your Mama definitely had some talent. :)


Right there with you. I have ornaments that go up every year that require a bit of reverence. Your daddy's story was awesome.


I'm working on building memories for the boys. They get a new ornament every year so they can decorate and remember past Christmases.
Christmas is all about the memories, right?


Oh, that is so sweet. I'm trying my best to make Christmas special for my kids, to give them something fond to remember. I wish I had more than I do of ornaments (and memories) of my childhood.

Sarah at 32Flavors

Oh!!! When my husband was little, he asked why Baby Jesus wasn't on top of the tree, since Christmas was about Jesus. Henceforth, a Baby Jesus topped their tree. I grew up with my sister getting to put HER angel on the tree, so all I ever wanted was an angel. Do you know what's on top of my tree now? A star. With Baby Jesus right below. My husband doesn't care - but honestly, how can you argue with Baby Jesus?

It's only a star instead of an angel because I can't find an angel I like.

Kerri @ Sew.What.

Those 2 socks are so adorable! I think my grandparents had some like those on their tree when I was little. I love Christmas memories.

Sprite's Keeper

Sigh, so sweet!


So very, very wonderful. I actually thought about you while typing my ornament post last night. I just knew you had to have lots of your Mama's ornaments on your tree. :)

Merry Christmas!


Adorable. I have at least 2 ornaments that you gave me that hang on my tree every year. One is a crocheted grey Katie the Cat ornament. I treasure them, my friend. Merry Christmas.


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your memories with us; I'd give anything to have my Mama's ornaments on my tree, so enjoy each and every one that you have!

Merry Christmas!

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