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I think I'm completely traumatized by the photo of Santa smoking.


Those cookies--both of them--sound really tasty. I am planning to make cookies on Saturday with Turbo. I have to do something with him to keep him occupied. Isn't Christmas eve the longest day of the year to a kid?


you are a busy woman! and Santa smoking, love it.

Christina @RantRaveRoll

Clearly Santa needs a nicotine patch. I think I'm going to try the bourbon balls. Those sound yummy.

Happy Holidays!

andrea-maybe it's just me

I never pondered Santa's possible vices to deal with the stress...I opt for chocolate! LOVE the scout photo!

Sarah at 32Flavors

Our Sunday School kids went caroling at a nursing home a week ago, and I cried. It was just too much for this permanently weepy mama's heart to see those sweet kids singing and the resident's eyes lighting up. But I always cry at the sight of children singing. Even if I don't know them. Motherhood has turned me into a weepy mess.

Bourbon balls? Is this the kind of thing I make for myself and stash in a cupboard somewhere to get through the holidays? "I just had a couple cookies...no...I haven't been drinking..."

Cathy Kennedy

How cool is that with Google! Thanks for sharing this with us. lol. I'm gonna have to show this to my DH & son. I'm sure they'll think it's neat, too. This is gonna be the closest we get to snow this year, I'm afraid. Boo-hoo-hoo! Cookie baking with your son is a precious thing. We baked cookies on Sunday, and my 17-year son got into the groove just like he did when he was small. Even my DH joined the fun. I loved it! Have a very Merry Christmas in sunny California!

Sprite's Keeper

Dang it! I can't see the video. Must come back..
Love the picture of the boys and I will now add those lyrics to the hymnal when I hear it.
(I still can't get through Jingle Bells without mentioning Batman's body odor..)

Stacy Uncorked

Those Norwegian cookies sound yummy! And the recipe is very close to the Swedish cookies my great-grandmother taught me to make...just a little less flour and the addition of cardamom. I'll have to try making these! And the Bourbon Balls - but I'll make it with something I like. ;)

That Santa ad cracked me up.

LOVE the Boy Scout pic!

Rescheduled Birthday with Chuck, Dinosaur Dilemma, Christmas Shopping Conundrum


I had to try let it snow before I commented. I love it!

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