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Ha! I really love the old tinsel ad. I don't ever put that stuff on anymore; I hate cleaning it up! Happy Tuesday.

Cathy Kennedy

I did enter your contest. Thanks so much! We have some of the old fashion tinsel, but it doesn't glow. I haven't put this stuff on the trees in a few years because it's just too messy. However, I really loved it as a kid. Parenthood changes your perspective a little. The K'Nex really rocks. Our son loved to build stuff when he was younger. We thought about getting him this, but I don't believe we ever did. There were other things we decided upon instead. My memory is a blur, but it was cool stuff, really! Thanks for the random!!

Ollie McKay's

Had been to this Blog ages ago! Forgot how much I liked it then! Love all your posts! Haha ~ the Spanx for men - /Check! And the Double-Glo icicles - Double Check!! Merry Christmas!!!

Michele R.

I think the lemon martini drink will complement the seafood very well! Jimmy is a very, very lucky man.

I am thrilled that you posted the K'Nex toy because I just saw a post on Want Not about a price on one reduced to $34.99. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004S642NI/?tag=wantnot-20

So I just ordered one for my 5th grader. He knows what he is getting but also loves surprises and this is something we have never discussed. Enjoy the boy gift buying now cuz trust me it gets so much harder to find things in the teen years and the tree is so, so vacant underneath when they are older with any surprises or gifts reasonably priced.

Sprite's Keeper

I never knew until now that it was Yoko singing that part. I'm dreading this afternoon when Sprite wants to listen to the Christmas music on the way home. That song comes on every day at 5.

Sarah at 32Flavors

That Christmas song makes me crazy. I think it's Yoko that does it.


That woman can't carry a tune in a brown paper bag.It is little wonder that Jimmy needed you to stop singing her her voice.

Believe it or not I will be serving fish on Christmas eve. I know! The sacrifices we make for our families. I think I'll need to blunt my squeamishness with the Lemon Martini. Thanks for the recipe.


My mom used to lament that the tinsel she had as a girl was far superior to the stuff they sell now. It was heavier and reusable and didn't get stuck in the carpet or tempt the animals to snack on it.
we never use tinsel, because we spend the next year cleaning it up.
That cocktail sounds very good. I might be able to convince Nick to try it for our seafood feast for New Year's.


Beloved did a couple of dynamite martinis at our party Saturday - one that consisted of egg nog, Godiva white chocolate liqueur and Southern Comfort and one that was cranberry juice, lime juice, Cointreau and vodka. If you want, I'll send you the proportions - the cranberry one (he called it a Christmas Cosmopolitan) was really, really good.


I so love these random Tuesdays. Your story of Walmart -- I probably would have stood in line and wept.


Man spanx. Ridiculous!

And I hate Wal-Mart but I can't seem to throw it from my list of stores I have to go to.


You know what bugs me most about that song? It's the pronunciation of the "ahs." It should be AH, not A (like in 'hat'). MAN, it drives me CRAZY. The only way to combat it is to sing along, as loudly as I can, also driving my husband insane. It's insidious.

Phew. So good to get that off my chest.


Loving the choir music! I am also a huge sucker for Christmas music. Drives everyone around me nutty. LOL

Lemon martinis sound divine!!!! Yum!!! DEFINITELY will be making those!!! ;-)


Laughing at the kid with the condoms. Too funny! I have been listening to the All-Christmas-Carol station too. Today, I was walking around singing, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch."

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