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Sprite's Keeper

Wow, what a holiday weekend you had! Sounds like a lot of fun though. Love Jude's drawing and the fact that Sprite's stick figures are starting to look more like that. Now it's easier to tell if it's plant, animal, or mineral. :-)


Sounds like your Christmas was a blast! That menu sounds delish; we went super traditional with ham and turkey. And that's too bad about the Snuggie. I finally got one last year and you know, it's pretty nice.


Holy crap I love scallops. They are my absolute favorite seafood treat...


We might have to try out that scallop dish for New Years. It sounds divine!

Michele R.

Everything sounds so yummy here. I have never made scallops--need to do that. We had prime rib on C-mas eve, and lots of leftovers still.
Sidenote: I must know what you bought for Mommy at Forever 21 this year

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