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Sarah at 32Flavors

I love stationary!!

Sarah at 32Flavors

And now I'm following you on Twitter (as @themommylogues)

Sarah at 32Flavors

I'm a site member!

Sprite's Keeper

I think I do all of the above. Except make cards. Which is why I'm entering this give away. :-)


I would love to have those cards, having good stationary is a necessity.
I follow you on GFC.
I like you on Facebook.
I don't Twitter so can't use that one.


Hmmm, I always like you on FB.

I used to send beautiful cards to my college roommate. She would send beautiful cards back. Before we had kids, and life got in the way. This might help me start that tradition back up in the New Year.

andrea-maybe it's just me

Ooooh, those are pretty! I am here commenting (no kidding) and am in that gfc thingy over there!


very nice stationery; would love to get it!!


I have done all of the above asked for (twitter @kendrasue18).

Also, I love stationary and love to write notes to people so this would be awesome!


Surprise you??? Hmmm...nope, I got nothin'.

Stationery is COOl, though. Right up there with bow ties. And cowboy hats.


I already like you on Facebook. :) That counts, right?


I also follow you on Twitter...but that'll be all, because, for some reason, I don't use Google Friend Connect. Why am I resisting? I don't even understand it...


I got some of these at the Holiday Boutique, but as gifts. They're beautiful, I'd love a set for myself.
Also, I just figured out how to "Join this site" so I did.
I already Like you on Facebutt, and I don't tweet. Sooooo, two chances?



I love letterpress so much that my husband and I celebrated our anniversary by taking a letterpress class in San Francisco one year.

I also already like you on FB :).

Cathy Kennedy

I'll tell you why I should win this for the third time...gee, I keep clicking on buttons and it takes me away from you comment box and I have to do this all over again. *sighn* Am I blond? Nope! Where was I again...oh, the reason I should win is because I love to write letters and I think it would be awesome to say, "Hey, I won this neat stationery from a chick who makes this stuff for the stars in Hollywood!" And, tomorrow is my 50th bday so this would make an great gift to me. =D

Okay, I'm already a GFC follower, just liked your FB page and am now following you on twitter. All points are checked off. Considered me entered. If I'm the lucky winner, shen me an email at [email protected] Thanks!


I love the staionary, but my mother-in-law would flip if she could see it. She sends letters and cards to people all the time. If I win, I might have to split it with her.

The Bug

I did the facebook thing and the Google thing, but I don't tweet :)

I'd love to have some new stationery - I used to make my own cards, but have lost both the space & the inclination.

Johanna Damon

I did all three things. I'll probably be too busy following you to use this lovely stationary.
Now for the surprise: You and Jude just made my grandsons' Christmas and I guess mine too.. I figured that I can't go wrong following Jude's Christmas wishes, his letter to Santa was priceless! I also get the books you all are reading! Now I am known as a quite with it Oma! All thanks to you and Jude. So, thank you and Merry Christmas, Gretchen!

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Competitive me.
Must get in on a good deal.
Therefore, I respond.


I need this! I have a big family and am always sending cards.

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