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Angelia Sims

I had to laugh at your break-up letter. I'm having the on and off again relationship myself and it's soooo frustrating. I swear the hormones are ten times worse.

These are great posts! Happy New Year!

Sprite's Keeper

I think I scored a 95% on remembering those posts! Do I get a prize? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


You had me at you went to the Actor's Studio. (Here via Mama Kat.) Happy New Year!

Kimberly at Rubber Chicken Madness

I'm stopping by via Mama Kat's workshop today.

And I love your blog! You've got a wit and charm that I cannot resist :) You've got a new subscriber.

Maureen | Tatter Scoops

Oh I can so relate to the picky eater part. Mine is too! Here's to a wonderful New Year for you and your family :)


I enjoyed reading the ones I'd missed.

Here's to you and yours having the happiest of new years.

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