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Congrats Dana Bug!

Jude is adorable but he probably doesn't want to hear me say that.

The Bug

Ooh - I can't see the video here at work (as I waste my employer's time while reading blogs - shhh!), but it looks like maybe I won? Woot!

I'll check Jude out when I get home :)

Sarah at 32Flavors

Congrats Dana Bug!

Jude and Ella would get along so well.

Sprite's Keeper

No video access at work, but I can see it's not me. Oh well, congrats to Dana Bug!


Congrats, Dana Bug!

Jude is a hoot. He and Kalen will get along SOOOOO well one of these days, when we get them together!


Jude is adorable. BTW... I have an award for you over on my blog today!

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