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What fun memories! Looks like that was a special time and, being a sucker for older photos, I loved your post.
Over here from MamaKat's!

JDaniel4's Mom

It sounds like you had a blast putting the party together. I love your tree.


How great that you could get together for the reunion! And it looks like you survived the beer, the um, cigarettes and ramen noodles just fine!

Sweet Mama Jones

I LOVE THIS! And you guys are just as gorgeous now as then!! A cotillion?? I. DIE. pure fabulousness :)

adventures in alyssaland

My favorite part, To prepare for the Cotillion, we felt we needed to decorate our home in a festive way. Unfortunately, we were all poor. I mean really poor. Becca had been selling plasma for months to have enough money to buy Christmas presents for her family. We were eating nothing but ramen noodles (4 for $1 at the Kash 'N Karry) and washing our hair with Ivory Liquid. It was sad. We seemed to have spent all of our money on beer and vintage ballgowns."

Anyone who was poor in college has some variation of this.


I just lived vicariously through you! What an awesome group of friends you had and STILL have!


Those kind of memories are what Christmas is all about.
And, yes, I do remember being that poor as a college student.


Yep, me too, poor college student in the same era, '79 to '82. My weekly food budget was $10, with which I could make a quiche, mac and cheese, meatballs and a meatloaf; once, I made half of that by picking up candy wrappers for a $5 rebate! Those were the days...


That tree is something else! And so are your fashions and the glasses and the hair, etc. Good, good times...

You look so gorgeous in that photo at the bottom -- as do your friends. Wowza.


I remember that tree with great glee. I was also told by Anna Gangai's husband that we adorned it with condoms during the Cotillion of years gone by.

Sprite's Keeper

Was it really a couple of years ago that you wrote about that? I remember it so well!


I love this! I was a Drama major for a while too, and they definitely had the best parties!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's


Love it. I had a similar 'first' christmas on my own, where we decorated the tree with silver Coors Light cans.

Ok, so not as classy as yours.

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