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He is so perfectly gorgeous that I don't know how you could choose, but I LOVE the one you chose. Great photography too.

I have our xmas cards all nice and printed and sitting in a neat stack on my dining room table. What's the next step? Can't remember...


What a sweetie! He's wearing a similar sweater to Kalen's in our card photo this year. Too funny.

Amy in Australia

He is SO cute. Love all those pics, actually. Maybe you can do an extended edition of your cards...like they do with DVDs. ;)

Michele R.

He is so very cute and I do love the one you chose.
We haven't done C-mas cards in years. I'm so bad.


He is awesome! I really like the expression in the first of the in consideration photos.
We have fun getting a good smile from Turbo, he's much better at the goofy expressions.


I'm sitting here looking at pictures from Darling Daughter's graduation - every last one that has The Young One, he's making a goofy face. He had just finished the 4th grade; it must be something about that age for boys.

As for your handsome young man...those eyes. They are beautiful, and so sweet.


Oooh, he looks like a J.Crew model in that top shot from the consideration ones. How handsome!


Love them all such a good looking boy and so full of it too! (life that is :)

Sprite's Keeper

Love the pictures! That last one should be excellent for a card. This is year #3 that we've neglected to send out cards. We're terrible people. :-)


They are all so good. I loved the one where it looks like he's covering his mouth like he's trying to contain himself. He is adorable!.. And coincidence... I just bought a bottle of Cupcake wine for the first time last week. I haven't tried it yet. Is it a good wine?


Love it!

You keep mentioning this Cupcake wine, I must try it. Will look for it next time at the liquor store...

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