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That sounds like great fun. That last shirt looks just like something I would wear. JR says it looks very cute on you.

Michele R.

How fun! I would have worried about what I brought but you do make a convincing case against that. You look great!! I feel bad about the Halloween candy I've eaten.
Sidenote: how do you like your bedroom paint color cuz I like it and am thinking about something like it.


I think most of those shirts could easily be pulled off with leggings and flats. Yes, go out and buy those black flats. Today. Now. A nice pair, too, not a cheap $10 pair. Justified by not paying for the outfit they are meant to match.

BTW, I'd love to say you look great now, but I think you looked great before, too.


I'm just impressed you can stand in front of a full-length mirror and take photo after photo of yourself. Not if you held a gun to my head...


I'm seeing that grey wool dress with a fabulous pair of red heels. Black flats are good, but really, red heels=night out with Jimmy and Jude, right?

Sarah at 32Flavors

I am loving the orange top, and the Calvin Klein dress is amazing!

This is brilliant. Maybe I should drop those baby pounds and host one...

Sprite's Keeper

Damn! You look amazing! I love all the clothes EXCEPT the last one. No, really. BURN IT. Too many memories of ladies running around with those patches on the otherwise plain button down shirts with the cuffed sleeves and I'm already covering my cheeks for the burn of the first pinch just thinking about it!


I love them all except for the last one. It's a little...busy.

I've always wanted to have or go to one of these. My house is too small to host one, I think...


I'm in awe...you look great and what an fun idea! I have to agree the Calvin Klein dress with red pumps and a night out!


One of those items used to be mine!!


Super fun!! This is going to be a future event for the DeFrump Gals and friends... :-)
Oh, and thanks for your reassurance about the piles of clothes - I'm the one with the stuff nobody would want! :-p

Visiting from WFMW.

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