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By Word of Mouth Musings

There is nothing like Egg Nog season ... oh dear ... pace yourself ;)


Based on that sign, you better get six bottles, and then just make them last the season.

Sprite's Keeper

Doomed be you...


Yeah, it's kicking my butt already. Damn the fact I learned how to make dairy free egg nog...

Rebecca Bany

I am not a fan of eggnog. But my husband LOVES it!


Oh, I've been drinking my favorite Vanilla Spice Eggnog since early November. So good. I try to forget about the fact that it is 220 CALORIES per HALF cup. I find myself not eating that piece of chocolate or whatever sweet goodness calls me during the day, so at night after all the dishes are done and the kids are sleeping, I can kick my feet up and enjoy my not half a cup of eggnog.


Christmas milk (as it's known in our house) comes only alcohol free. I might like it better if it were spiked. I do like adding it to coffee on occasion.

andrea-maybe it's just me

Now maybe THAT is what would bring on the holiday spirit! Gotta go six pack for the discount!

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