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Boring? No. All I can think of is, when I saw your photos, my stabbing envy of your lovely table setting, and the fact that all of your plates, linens, crystal and flatware matches.

We ate at the kitchen table. While I cried in a menopausal meltdown because the turkey wasn't done when the side-dishes were ready (although it was quite delicious - an hour later). I think Beloved and The Young One were *relieved* when Thanksgiving was over this year.

Sprite's Keeper

The tables look lovely!
My holiday was full of family, sales, and food. I really wish the food took last place literally, but if we are looking in terms of volume, it took first.


Our holiday was wonderful. And since we cooked the turkey on the grill, I feel like Thursday was a fun and interesting day.


That table is beautiful. My thanksgiving involved paper napkins, so I'm more than a little jealous...

Good luck with your boutique! May it earn lots of money and cause little stress.


Your tables look lovely - especially the cornucopia. It somehow cracks me up and makes me more in awe of you that you had one.

I know what you mean about Thanksgiving. I think I want it to go away as a holiday. I'm not sure why I felt this way this year -- so forced, really --

Good luck this Friday -- I'm sure it will go beautifully no matter what happens because you are in charge and look skinny and beautiful with a clipboard.

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