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No tips from me -- it sure sounds like you've got it under control. It sounds divine, actually -- Thanksgiving at your house.


Since it's just family that comes to our thanksgiving, I have doles out the dishes--the mashed potatoes and the veggies. I get the bird, gravy and dressing. I am taking your advice and making extra broth for gravy because there really can never be enough gravy.


Oh, aren't you a doll! Thank you for the linky love! I am, indeed, making the green bean casserole again this year, and doing it without flour or dairy (I'll post about it later). And the differences between stuffing and dressing are important!!

Now, down to business - that soup? Oh. My. GAWD. I do believe I will try this VERY, VERY soon! And since it can be made ahead - *squee* - I'd be thrilled if you'd add it to Make Ahead Monday today. I have readers who would probably kill for this recipe.

Sprite's Keeper

Brilliantly awesome and I think I need to try that soup. Luckily, I don't cook Thanksgiving dinner. If I did, we would be thankful for take out.

Sarah at 32Flavors

Ours is in the evening as well - so nice that way. I couldn't lose the pumpkin pie, myself. Not because it's tradition, but because I have a mad love affair with all things pumpkin. I'm perfectly happy to eat pumpkin pie in June. I don't care.
Happy Thanksgiving!


We switched our dinner to "after nap time" this year, and it's freaking people out. They have no idea what to do all day. Ha, ha, ha.

I don't do the bird on Thursday. That honor goes to my SIL. I make my bird (and my sides, my way) on Friday, so I can turn down all the left overs she stuffs in tupperware for us...

the redc

I like where you're going with the gravy. Please elaborate in the next Thankgiving edition! I agree about the utter mediocrity of the "traditional" sides. The fact that the same damn recipe is printed in the coupon pages, sides of cans and elsewhere does not make them delicious!


Holy shit I'm making that soup!!


You should talk to my wife about #5. She insists on making a vegetable platter every year. She also avoids chips and dip because she knows it will fill everybody up. And, every year the vegetable platter is hardly eaten.


We must be WEIRD northerners because we always had dressing - I never had stuffing at any of my families homes.


Amen. I love your entire list. If only I could get B onboard with your program.
Happy Thanksgiving!


We always had dressing, too, and we were definitely not from the South...but ours wasn't made with cornbread. Mom makes the most AMAZING sausage and apple dressing. OMG, I wish I could add it to this year's menu...

I don't understand the sweet potato dish everyone makes. Why add sugar to sweet potatoes? It completely covers up the flavor! I'm posting my favorite sweet potato recipe (baked, not mashed and sweetened and nutted) on Wednesday. I am printing out your soup recipe tonight for later use. Thanks!


dang, I read this instructive post too late. We had dinner with friends and they insisted on making all the sides, because of those ever loving TRADITIONS of theirs. I love all your prep advice. next year I'll do it my way. and have a 7&7 too!

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