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Terra Heck

I'm with you on the music dilemma. I hardly know the top 100, let alone the top 40. I'm not real big into today's music, but sure learn a thing or two when I listen to what my kids do. That cookie monster photo was pretty funny. Although I haven't actually tested it out, I hardly think my dog would come running to the computer begging for Beneful if I played that commercial.


My dogs came running when I played the commercial. Those awards were from the Ignoble Awards and the sentence that Jimmy gave was from the 60s. Sort of like "Tune in, turn on, drop out" which is one of my favorite sayings. Love the Cookie monster cartoon.

Peace out!


Maybe it only work on German dogs! ;) Happy Tuesday.


Good random today!! And that commercial is lame. Sorry...not pets here! Ha! But I didn't enjoy it! And yes that was one random weird thought! But I will take his advice on no worries!!

Cathy Kennedy

I don't pay too much attention to who gets the Noble Peace Prize these days with obvious reasons like who cares about a wasabi alarm clock anyhow? Do you? I certainly don't! lol As you said, it was only good for a laugh. How ridiculous, right?

Oh, I love Cookie Monster!

My kids grew up with the oldie stuff, too. Of course, they picked up a lot of the newer funk that's played on the radio and while listening to YouTube. What's really funny is my son's former girlfriend's(long distance relationship, mind ya) grandmother was convinced my then 15 or 16 year old was 30-something because of his music choices. Does this mean, people like that throw caution to the wind and don't listen at all to the garbage...I mean music young people are tuned into?

Thanks for the randomness! Feel free to hop over when you get a chance. =D


If I'd asked Beloved for a random thought, I can guarantee it would have been something that would make me blush to type. Jimmy did good.


Turbo knows more about Current Country than anything else. He has expressed interest in the Black Eyed Peas and popish music like that, but we just don't listen to it all that much. In our part of the world, country is way easier to find on the radio.

Sarah at 32Flavors

I used to hate listening to my parents' music in the car. I cranked up the Def Leppard until my dad would take my walkman and turn it down. But now sometimes I just have a need and a deep love for Peter, Paul & Mary or Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seegar. And I have to credit that music for my ability to find a harmony to sing, despite the fact that I don't read music much.

Now when we listen to a Top 40 type station, my girls always say, "That's from Kids Bop!" No. It's not. This is the real song. Kids Bop covers the song. Truly, it is frightening to me some of the things Kids Bop covers.


The only TV commercials to ever get a rise out of my dogs are the Dominos door bell ones.

Have a great Tuesday!

Christina @RantRaveRoll

I've seen that Cookie Monster cartoon a few times. It always makes me giggle.


Are we supposed to be able to hear the dog noises? I only heard one squeaky toy. Anyway, my dog didn't care either.

Doorbells or other dogs barking, that's what gets her attention on TV.


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