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You know I just can't et on board with the Snuggie. I'd rather freeze. I also hate talking on the phone, I'd much rather email or maybe text, which for me, is borderline phone conversation.

Actually, I'd rather not talk to anyone.

For some reason I have this repeating dream where I'm in a hotel riding the elevator and walking around never able to find my room. No matter who I ask I can never actually reach the door.

If that's a metaphor for something I'd rather not know what it is.

Happy RTT!


Those "Forever Lazy" things cracked me and Beloved up when we first saw them on TV - they even have a "trap door" so you don't have to unzip and lower them to go to the john. And you're right - they DO look like Teletubbies! It's probably a good thing Mr. Falwell's no longer with us; his head would explode (then again, that might be downright entertaining to watch).


That adult PJ/Snuggie thing is ridiculous. It makes me think we've really sunk as a society. For realz. Oh, and I talked about getting my tree up early too. I never do that!


I like the snuggie, I can't help it. I like being warm and if a snuggies near then I got it! I don't like the weird full snuggie suit though.


Oh my goodness, SO sweet about the socks. Precious.
found you through Stacy and am your newest follow, I would love a "follow back"!! Thanks in advance!


Nick and I saw the commercial for the Forever Lazy thing. I could not believe that they were advocating wearing it out in public. I kept waiting for the real commercial to come on, expecting that it was a joke or something.
Turbo looks at me like I'm nuts when I really get to singing along with the radio. His day will come.

andrea-maybe it's just me

I mistakenly bought my kids the jr snuggies a few years ago, now I think they might've outgrown them...the real issue is that they are probably too small for me!

We have the opposite here in that Santa always brought one thing for each of the kids. I guess I was selfish with the glory!! Ha!

Christina @RantRaveRoll

LOL.... Teletubbies. I have laughed and laughed at Forever Lazy, but now it is even funnier.

the RedC

I am holding out on the Forever Lazy until it has POCKETS or it is no good to me. At least Snuggies have pockets.

Singing along with the radio reminded me of a funny Marley story. One time when we were driving and I was listening to Iron Man (Black Sabbath) she remarked to me "Poor Iron Man! Nobody wanted him? Not even his mom?"

As for the tree before December 1st - overachiever, hence the dream about being overwhelmed. I have dreams which my mom has always told me are "Illusions of Grandeur" dreams. I am often some version of The Chosen One, where only I can diffuse the bomb, pull the sword from the stone, save the world, etc. I apparently have a Hero Complex...


wear the "Forever Lazy" in public? In that case, I'm sure I'll see someone wearing it in Wal-Mart soon...


Journey totally put me in my happy place today. I needed that. Thank you!!! xox


LOVE Marleys Black Sabbath story. It reminds me of this story I put on my blog about 100 years ago - http://secondblooming.typepad.com/second-blooming/2009/09/rocket-men.html

I am so impressed by your Chosen One dreams.


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