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Cathy Kennedy

Have a marvelously wonderful Thanksgiving. =D Thanks for the random!


My husband - who's a computer guy - really wants to open his own comp repair place. I tell him to go for it because really, does anyone want to leave their computer at Best Buy? I don't think so. Happy Tuesday!


I brine my turkey in an ice chest. I just add a boatload of ice and weight the turkey down with a plate.


Happy Thanksgiving! Your menu sounds fantastic. I know the brussel sprouts are great, we did them last year. Have a good, guilt free weekend!


Oh, more linky love from my favorite actress! You are a doll.

I hope you survive Aunt Grace's visit intact and have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Your menu sounds divine -- and I can't wait to hear all your Aunt Grace stories. Good luck with everything that you have to do --


Yum! Have fun cooking, eating and all that jazz. After you're done with the envelope stuffing. Hooray for school breaks!

Stacy Uncorked

You know, I've never brined my turkey - but I might just have to do that this year to see if it enhances the juiciness and flavor. I'm still making my champagne turkey, but we'll see (if I get motivated to give the turkey a brine bath tomorrow) if this makes it even extra juicy! :)

I thought my plate was overloaded with too much 'extra' stuff to do right before Thanksgiving - your plate is way bigger than mine. ;)

That Audition Focus stuff is C-R-A-Z-Y. :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you get your car washed and cleaned out in time for the airport! :)

andrea-maybe it's just me

I love how your menu cuts to the chase and might actually fit on one plate! Enjoy!


Good luck with Aunt Grace and getting everything done in time! And your menu sounds amazing.


Have a happy turkey day, Gretchen, xoxo!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the visit with Aunt Grace!!

andrea-maybe it's just me

OK, just realized all of those things were to be done before noon!?!?!?!?!? I skipped over the flight arrival the first time!

The RedC

Thanks for the brining recipe... it all sounds delicious! You managed to get all that done and still look good doing it ;)

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