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Ugh, computer problems. I think you have achieved dieter's bliss, BTW. You clothes fit, and people have noticed a difference. Good for you!

When Jude's been through the run try the "Soup" series by Robert Newton Peck. I loved them as a kid.


The Great Brain books might also interest him. I loved them as a kid and they are about boys in the late 1800s. Very entertaining. I wish Turbo was more about the reading. He has discovered the Bone books and while they are graphic novels, he is reading them, so I can't complain.

Cathy Kennedy

Snoring is disturbing to one's good night's rest. Unfortunately, I'm the snorer in the family. Your comment about the hatchet reminded me of a news piece where a man wakes from sleep with a splitting headache and rushes to the hospital to find he has a bullet lodged in his head. This is true, really. Anyhow, his wife claimed she accidentally discharged their firearm. I can't remember now what her logic was behind this, if the gun was kept under the pillow or what have you. I was just amazed she didn't kill him. God surely had His angels watching over this bloat. Happy randoming!


The picture of those cookies is evil. Just...evil.


I can't wait to hear about Aunt Grace's visit -- and that cauliflower recipe sounds divine. You are just a wealth of information today -- thank you for all the great links!


That cauliflower recipe sounds yummy~we tried some on the BBQ one night and it was to DIE for.

Christina @RantRaveRoll

My computer is going down that dark, lonely road too. My space bar is the one that seems to be sticking. Here's hoping they hold out a little longer.

Those cookies look divine!

unmitigated me

It's time for Beezis and Ramona. My favorite is Ramona Quimby, Age 8. If your library has books on cd, the Ramona books are read by Stockard Channing. Enchanting!


That CCC picture had me drooling. Need cookies NOW!
Post about what you are making for Thanksgiving! I need ideas. The cauliflower sounds great, good for vegans too.


I guess you were the 2nd to last person to learn about the Everywhereist.

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