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Michele R.

I had my son look at your blog post this a.m. and he soaked up every photo. He would love this. They have one in Charleston (a six-hour drive) and I must take him. He loved your mention of the naval hours "22:00" and we looked up why coffee is called Joe. Jude's comment of the hard bed was hilarious. Ditto about how he had to use the head.
Off-topic: Mine wants to know if you have allowed Jude to watch the remaining Star Wars episodes yet.


You slept in one of those bunks? I'm *impressed* - I'd have gone into a claustrophobic meltdown, I kid you not. They seem positively...coffin-sized.


The state oft the mattress would have kept me from sleeping. Amazing what you can put up with when you're 18, but not when you're over 35.
No chance of doing this with Turbo, but he would love it. The commute would kill us.


Someday we must introduce Jude to my dad. He still calls it "the head." Not as often around Mom, though. ;)

Seriously, come up to visit! We have a submarine museum!

Did they teach you not to step on the thresholds when walking through the ship's doorways?


(I kinda miss being a Navy brat sometimes.)

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